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26. may 2020 · 2 minute

Looking for corporate apartments in Prague, Czech republic?

Prague is one of the most visited cities in central Europe both for its stunning sights and beautiful culture but also for its business side. Many people travel to Prague to enjoy both of those things and many more that the Czech capital has to offer. And if you or your employees wish to be one of them, you’ll need a high-quality accommodation that will suit your needs.

Many employers seek out hotels and estate agencies for short-term and long-term business trips, but the housing market has since grown to provide many additional services. Dozens of companies are now offering everything for a room for a couple of nights to a fully furnished three-bedroom apartment for over a year where your employees can be relocated with their entire family. Read on and learn about all the different possibilities out there.

Furnished corporate housing in Prague

There are many different types of furnished accommodation you can get in Prague. Whether a room, an apartment, or a serviced apartment, there are many companies providing these services. Most well-known one is, which lists, among other things, short-term apartments and serviced apartments.

The biggest advantage of serviced apartments is their convenience. They have all the equipment of fully furnished rentals while keeping some of the services of hotels (like cleaning, changing of beddings, and others). But Booking isn’t the only company. Sites such as Silver Door provide hundreds of other apartments of all kinds of shapes and sizes that will suit your needs.

Temporary corporate housing – stay as long as you need

The best part of temporary apartments is their flexibility. Whilst many types of accommodation need your reservation well in advance, many short-term renting companies can find accommodation for you even after you arrived in Prague. That way, you can be certain you’ll get the best out of the city. Explore the Old Town and its ancient architecture or go to one of its many beautiful parks that overview the capital and get inspired for your next project.

Employee accommodation in Prague, Czech Republic

Why should you send your employees to Prague? The city is a business hub of many opportunities and networking events that will help to promote your company. Additionally, there are hundreds of courses that will further professionalize your company and put you well ahead of your competition. Lastly, Prague offers many coworking centers where your employees can continue to work and communicate with you with ease. There really is no end to why you should use this opportunity to make your company the best it can be.

Business accommodation for relocated employees in Prague

There are many companies such as Housing Anywhere which provide services for long-time relocation of your employees, but Flatio goes a step beyond that. Our service, Flatio for Business, helps you find the best accommodation for your employee and their family. The ease of access and dependability ensured by our services will see your employees moved in no time.

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