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22. may 2020 · 2 minute

Looking for corporate apartments in Vienna, Austria?

Are you planning a business trip for your employees? Do they need to relocate for a few months? Do you need to travel to Vienna for a couple of days or weeks to strike a new deal or write up a new, important contract? Then you’ll surely need a place to stay. But what are your options, and which one is the best? Flatio is here to help with that.

In recent years, the housing market has grown beyond both traditional estate agencies and apartment sharing services. There are whole hosts of companies that focus on anything from short-term to mid-term and long-term renting. Their services go often above and beyond simply providing you with a wide selection of apartments. Below are some of the best companies, their services, and more info about corporate apartments in Vienna.

Furnished corporate housing in Vienna, Austria

Finding fully furnished corporate housing in Vienna is not as difficult as it may seem. If you need accommodation for a few days, there are many companies such as Airbnb and which provide you with hundreds of apartments, big and small. You can choose from a simple room to a three-bedroom apartment with a kitchen, all depending on your needs. Other companies provide special services for business. One such company is SMARTments which provides serviced apartments in Vienna (apartments which have all the services of a hotel but still have their own kitchen and appliances).

Temporary corporate housing – stay as long as you need

Temporary housing has the advantage of being as flexible as you need it to be. Many places let you rent an apartment on the day you arrive (though if you want to have as much choice as possible, it is always best to reserve an apartment ahead of time). Hotels may seem like the best alternative to such apartments, but they are often overpriced and not really catering to everyone’s needs. With an apartment of your very own, you can be sure to be ready for any business opportunities that may stand before you.

Employee accommodation Vienna, Austria

Vienna is a city full of opportunities, whether you need your employees to attend some learning courses, expos, to network and promote your company, or to strike a new deal, life never stops in the Austrian capital. Sites like Joyn Living don’t just give you accommodation, but co-working spaces and community areas as well as modern meeting rooms. Let Vienna surprise you with all the wonderful experiences your employees can get there.

Business accommodation for relocated employees in Vienna

If you need to relocate your employees for a few months, there are a lot of options to choose from. You may be tempted to try traditional estate agencies, but you’ll be paying for only a few actual services in comparison with all the different companies that focus on mid-term and long-term rentals. Sites like Housing Anywhere and Flatio don’t just give you a wide selection of apartments. Flatio gives you a hand with the entire renting process and helps you move your employees and their family easily.

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