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Top things to do in Algarve, Portugal (boat tours, surfing, wine tours, shopping, eating, golfing, camping, hiking, and more)

20. february 2024 · 21 minute

The Algarve is undoubtedly one of the most popular places to see in Portugal, which is reflected in the record numbers of visitors to the region. Compared to 2022, the Algarve recorded 13.5% more guests (2.2 million) and 13.2% more overnight stays (8.5 million) in the first six months of 2023. 

From our own experience of traveling to the Algarve, we know that even thousands of pages would not be enough to guide readers through the beauty of the southernmost region of continental Portugal, just as several trips would not be enough to fully discover its beauties. 

But this "top things to do in Algarve" guide is our attempt to offer a glimpse of what you can do, see, eat, and generally, experience in the capital with apartments for rent in Faro and beyond. 

Top things to do in Algarve Portugal: Algarve itinerary

The list of Algarve activities is almost endless. Here is a brief overview of some of the best things to do, followed by a more detailed exploration of some of the highlights of a true Algarve experience.

We hope this information will make your visit to the Algarve one of your best trips to Portugal.

  • Landmarks: Explore historical landmarks like Silves Castle, Lagos Fort, and Cape St. Vincent for a peek into the Algarve's rich past.
  • Boat tours: Sail along Algarve's coastline with tours from Lagos, Albufeira, and Vilamoura, offering gorgeous views and opportunities for dolphin sightings.
  • Yoga retreat: Find serenity at Algarve's top yoga retreats in Lagos, Sagres, and Albufeira, combining mindfulness with scenic surroundings.
  • Whale watching: Witness marine life at its best with whale watching tours in Sagres, Albufeira, and Lagos and enjoy your thrilling encounters.
  • Snorkeling: Dive into the underwater wonders of Ponta da Piedade, Alvor, and Benagil during your trip to the Algarve. 
  • Diving: Explore underwater landscapes in Portimão, Lagos, and Albufeira, with top diving spots showcasing diverse marine ecosystems.
  • Kayaking: Paddle through popular spots like Ria Formosa, Alvor Lagoon, and Benagil Caves, enjoying the beauty of the Algarve from the water.
  • Bike tours: Cycle along routes in the Ria Formosa Natural Park, the Monchique Mountains, and the Algarve coast and experience the beauty of the region. 
  • Stand-up paddle (SUP): Enjoy tranquil SUP experiences at Lagos, Alvor, and Benagil, discovering the Algarve's coastline and caves.
  • Scuba diving: Plunge into the deep at top scuba diving sites in Sagres, Lagos, and Portimão, where captivating underwater landscapes await you.
  • Nightlife: Experience vibrant nightlife in Albufeira Strip, Lagos Old Town, and Vilamoura Marina, where bars and clubs come alive.
  • Beach clubs: Relax at luxurious beach clubs in Vale do Lobo, Praia da Rocha, and Quinta do Lago, offering beachfront elegance and entertainment.
  • Skydiving: Feel the thrill with skydiving experiences in Alvor, Portimão, and Lagos, enjoying breathtaking views while freefalling.
  • Hiking: Traverse picturesque trails at Seven Hanging Valleys, Rota Vicentina, and the Monchique Mountains, discovering the natural beauty of the Algarve.
  • Surfing: Ride the waves at top surf spots in Sagres, Lagos, and Albufeira, where surfing schools cater to all skill levels.
  • Wine tours: Indulge in wine tasting at top vineyards in Lagos, Silves, and Albufeira, sampling the region's rich winemaking heritage.
  • Shopping: Shop for local treasures at bustling markets in Loulé, Faro Old Town, and Albufeira Strip, where you can find unique souvenirs and handmade crafts.

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Best time for holidays in Algarve Portugal 

The best time for an Algarve vacation is generally during the spring (March to May) and fall (September to October). During these seasons, the weather in Portugal is mild, and the crowds are not as busy as in the peak summer months. Spring offers blooming flowers and pleasant temperatures, while fall provides warm days and cooler evenings.


If you prefer hot weather and beach activities, the summer months of June to August are ideal, but keep in mind that it's the peak tourist season, and popular spots may be more crowded.


Winter (December to February) is the off-peak season, with cooler temperatures and occasional rainfall. While it may not be the best time for beach activities, it can be a good choice if you're looking for a quieter experience and exploring cultural attractions.

How many days in Algarve is enough?

Deciding how many days to spend in Algarve depends on what you want to do. If you're into quick highlights, 3-5 days might work. For a more relaxed trip with diverse experiences, a week or more could be great. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Interests: Tailor your stay based on what activities and attractions interest you the most.
  • Pace of travel: If you prefer a leisurely pace with plenty of downtime, a longer stay might be enjoyable.
  • Activities: Consider the time you'll spend on specific activities like beach days, tours, or cultural explorations.
  • Season: The time of year can influence the weather and the availability of certain activities.
  • Crowds: Busier seasons may mean longer wait times, while off-peak times offer a quieter experience.
  • Flexibility: Keep room for spontaneous discoveries and relaxation in your itinerary.

Algarve accommodation

accommodation in Algarrvee

Planning where to stay is one of the most important aspects of any trip, and a visit to the Algarve is no exception.

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What to do in Algarve with kids: Algarve family holidays

Are you planning to visit the Algarve with kids? The region, known for its sun-soaked beaches and family-friendly attractions, presents many exciting activities for kids. 

Whether you're into beach days, water sports, boat trips, or exploring historic castles, the Algarve has something for everyone. Here's a quick, fact-based list to kickstart your family adventure:

Beach day bliss

  • Praia da Rocha, Portimao: Big and bustling, with restaurants and lounges.
  • Praia do Anção, near Faro: Calm waters, lifeguards, and watersports.
  • Praia da Manta Rota, Vila Nova de Cacela: Miles of beach for exploration.
  • Salema Beach, Salema: A hidden gem with picturesque surroundings.
  • Praia da Gale, Gale: A quiet escape with nearby cafes.

Watersports extravaganza

  • Surfing in Sagres and Lagos: Suitable for all ages, including kids.
  • Stand-up paddleboarding, bodyboarding, kayaking: Explore the pristine waters.
  • Guided boat tours: Discover hidden caves and spot wildlife.

Boat adventures

  • Dolphin-spotting in Albufeira: Cruise along the coastline for a chance to see dolphins.
  • Benagil Cave visit: Explore the iconic Benagil Caves, an Algarve must-see, which is accessible only by water.
  • Ria Formosa Cruise: A full-day tour exploring islands and spotting wildlife.
  • Pirate ship sail: Set sail in search of hidden bays and coves.

Waterpark wonders

  • Aquashow Park, Quarteira: The largest water park in Portugal.
  • Slide & Splash, Portimão: Adrenaline-pumping slides for all ages.
  • Aqualand: Central location with dedicated areas for younger kids.

Zoo and wildlife encounters

  • Zoomarine, Guia: Waterpark and wildlife shows, including dolphin experiences.
  • Lagos Zoo: Over 140 animal species with a focus on conservation.
  • Krazyworld, Algoz: Zoo, petting farm, waterslides, and various activities.

Sand City Lagoa

  • Unusual sand sculptures depicting themes from different continents.

Castle exploration

  • Silves Castle: Well-preserved castle with fascinating views.
  • Tavira Castle: Moorish castle with ruins and scenic surroundings.
  • Castro Marim Castle: Medieval construction with panoramic views.

Historical theme park - Parque da Mina

  • Travel back in time to experience life in the Algarve.

Centro de Ciencia Viva

  • Museums in Faro, Tavira, and Lagos exploring the natural world and science.

Mini golf fun

  • Adventure mini golf in Albufeira, Family Golf Park Vilamoura, Golfland in Alvor, Quinta do Lago: Themed mini-golf courses for family enjoyment.

Tourist trains and horse riding

  • Colorful trains for exploring towns and cities.
  • Horseback riding with various routes suitable for different age groups.

Piri piri chicken delight

  • Guia's Restaurante Ramires: Taste the original piri piri chicken.

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Things to do in Algarve when raining

The Algarve has a reputation for 300 sunny days, but no worries if Plan A didn't include rain. Our list of the best things to do in the Algarve when it rains is here to save you. Let's make the most of every moment in this magical region, whether the sun is shining or taking a brief break!


  • Explore Algarve's multiplex cinemas for an enjoyable film experience, ensuring English-language options. Look for VO (original version) films for a comfortable viewing experience.

Algarve casinos

  • Experience the entertainment at Algarve's casinos, such as Hotel Algarve Casino in Praia da Rocha, Casino Vilamoura, and Casino Monte Gordo. Enjoy games, shows, and gala rooms.

Shopping centers

  • Discover Algarve's diverse shopping centers like Aqua Shopping in Portimão and AlgarveShopping in Guia. From fashion to home improvement, these centers offer a range of options for a rainy day.

Beach bars

  • Embrace the beauty of the Algarve's beach bars even on rainy days. Escondidinho on Praia Grande and Rei das Praias on Caneiros Beach are some open-year-round options to enjoy the coastal views.

Aquashow indoor park

  • Experience Aquashow's new indoor park in Quarteira for year-round water-themed fun.

Wine tasting

  • Indulge in a wine tasting session at renowned wineries like Adega do Cantor in Guia, Quinta dos Vales, Quinta do Francês, and Quinta da Tôr for a delightful and indoor experience.

Shows and performances

  • Explore Algarve's arts scene through art galleries like Arte Algarve and Corte Real. Attend live performances at venues like Centro Congresso do Arade, Portimão Arena, and Teatro das Figuras.


  • Treat yourself to luxury at the Algarve's spas, located within five-star resorts like Salgados, Vale do Lobo, and Vale d’Oliveiras. Open to the public, they offer a variety of treatments.


  • Immerse yourself in the history of the Algarve by visiting museums like Museu Arqueologia in Silves, Museu de Portimão in Portimão, and Centro Ciência Viva do Algarve in Faro.

Train journey

  • Go on a scenic train journey across the Algarve, exploring towns like Lagos, Portimão, Albufeira, Faro, and beyond.

Arts and crafts

  • Unleash your creativity with art supplies available in large supermarkets. Alternatively, witness the skills of artists at places like Porches Pottery.


  • Test your driving skills at the indoor karting track in Albufeira Marina for an adrenaline-pumping experience.

Golf practice

  • Improve your golf skills at Vale da Pinta's covered driving range, sheltered from the rain.

Day trips to Seville or Gibraltar

  • Discover or rediscover neighboring cities like Seville or Gibraltar for a change of scenery and cultural exploration.

Cocktail making lessons

  • Learn the art of cocktail making in Albufeira, with classes that promise a fun and educational experience.


  • Enjoy family-friendly fun at Albufeira Marina's 10-pin bowling alley, with ramps available for young visitors.

Scuba diving lessons

  • Dive into a scuba diving class in the safety of an indoor pool, preparing for future sea adventures.

Indoor pools

  • Swim in heated indoor pools across the Algarve, available in public swimming pools or within hotel facilities.

Visit Estoi Palace

  • Explore the ornate Estoi Palace in Estoi village, near Faro, with its frescoed ceilings and picturesque gardens.

Attend a gymnastics class

  • Stay active on a rainy day by attending a gym class at local fitness centers, offering various options from high-intensity training to stretching.

Play snooker, billiards, or 8 ball

  • Enjoy a game of snooker, billiards, or 8 ball pool at places like Taco de Ouro in Faro, Bellavista Sports Barn in Albufeira, or the Atlantic Bar in Vilamoura.

Escape rooms

  • Challenge yourself with escape room games in Albufeira, solving puzzles to find your way out within a limited time.

Visit the oldest café

  • Relax at Café Aliança, the oldest café in Faro, where you can enjoy a cultural and historical ambiance on the main street, Rua de Santo António.

Benagil Caves

Benagil Caves

No trip to the Algarve would be complete without a visit to the Algarve caves, or rather, the Algarve sea caves. Let’s learn more about Benagil Cave (Algar de Benagil), which is a captivating natural wonder located in the Algarve region.


  • Situated along the coast next to Benagil Beach (Praia de Benagil).
  • Closest cities: Portimão, Albufeira, Carvoeiro, and Lagoa.
  • Approximately a 40-minute drive from Lagos or a 15-minute drive from Lagoa.

Access options

  • Boat tours (recommended):
    • Safest and best option.
    • Tours from Benagil Beach last 2-3 hours and cost around 30-40 euros.
    • Explore multiple caves along the coast.
  • Swim (not recommended):
    • Strong swimmers can cover approximately 200 meters from Benagil Beach.
    • Caution: Changing tides and currents.
  • Drive:
    • Cave visible from above; walk to the hole in the cave's ceiling.
    • No direct access on foot; consider boat tours for a comprehensive experience.
  • Kayak or paddleboard:
    • Rental available but boat tours offer a more extensive coastline view.

Tour tips

  • Recommend early tours to avoid crowds.
  • Opt for smaller boats for a more intimate experience.
  • Some tours combine sea caves with dolphin watching.

Practical information

  • Best time to visit:
    • Early morning to avoid crowds; 2-3 hour boat tours.
    • Cheaper in the off-season.
  • Beach details:
    • Praia de Benagil.
    • Steep walkway to access the beach.
    • Rough sea conditions on the boat ride; advisable for a short duration.
  • Safety tips:
    • Apply sunscreen before arrival.
    • Carry sufficient water and snacks.
    • Wear a swimsuit for possible swimming opportunities.
  • Nearby restaurants
    • Restaurante O ALGAR, O Pescador Benagil.
    • Fresh seafood and beautiful sea views.
  • Bottom line 
    • Benagil Cave is a must-visit, offering a breathtaking experience of natural beauty along the Algarve coast. Whether by boat or other means, exploring this incredible cave is a memorable adventure.

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Boat tours in Algarve

Algarve boat tours

If you are looking for an Algarve boat tour, you should definitely read this section, as it contains some of the most important tips you should consider when choosing an Algarve tour by boat:

  • Tour options: Explore different Algarve tours by boat and choose the most suitable one.
  • Duration: Check the tour duration to fit your schedule.
  • Safety: Prioritize tours with safety measures like life jackets.
  • Reviews: Read reviews for insights into others' experiences.
  • Routes: Choose a tour covering the sights you want to see.
  • Guided or self-guided: Decide on a guided or self-guided tour.
  • Weather: Consider weather conditions for a smooth experience.
  • Booking: Check policies, cancellations, and payment methods.
  • Group size: Ensure a comfortable experience with an appropriate group size.
  • Special features: Look for any added activities in the boat tour.

Entertainment in Algarve: Zoos and waterparks

Entertainment in Algarve: Zoos and waterparks

Whether you prefer the marine wonders at Zoomarine or the refreshing thrills of waterparks, Algarve has a variety of entertainment options to ensure a splashing good time for everyone, including those who are visiting with the family. Here are two must-visit destinations:

Zoomarine Algarve

  • Dive into a marine adventure at Zoomarine Algarve.
  • Offers a delightful blend of educational shows and exciting attractions.
  • Explore a world of marine life, including dolphins, seals, and more.

Aqualand Algarve

  • Make a splash at Aqualand Algarve, a premier waterpark experience.
  • Exciting water slides and pools for all ages.
  • Perfect for a refreshing day out with family and friends.

Algarve golf courses: Algarve golf holidays

Planning a golf trip to Portugal? The Algarve is the go-to spot, with its pleasant weather year-round. Faro's international airport, centrally located, is easily accessible with direct flights from major European cities. 

Most golf courses are near Quinta do Lago and Vilamoura Marina, about 30 minutes from Faro airport. The Algarve golf resorts are world-famous. Out of the 32 golf courses, just one has a rating below 7.0 on

In this section, we’ve put together a list of the best golf courses in the Algarve for an unforgettable golf vacation. Also look for the Algarve golf packages that many online platforms offer, as you may find great discounts and unique deals.

The best golf courses in Algarve 

  • Monte Rei Golf & Country Club
  • Quinta do Lago
  • Ombria Resort Algarve
  • The Victoria Golf Course (Dom Pedro Golf)
  • Vale do Lobo
  • The Old Course Golf Club at Dom Pedro Golf
  • Quinta da Ria Resort
  • Amendoeira Golf Resort
  • Espiche Golf
  • Quinta do Vale Golf

Algarve wines, Algarve wine tasting, and Algarve wine tours

Wine tours in the Algarve are a fantastic way to explore the region's diverse vineyards and taste its exceptional wines. Let’s take a brief look at the region's wine landscape:

Algarve wine region overview:

  • Traditionally known for sun, sand, and golf, the Algarve is now recognized as a top wine-producing region.
  • The region is known for some of the best and highest-quality wines in Portugal and internationally.

Classification system:

  • The Algarve wine region is classified as Vinho Regional (VR), consisting of four DOCs: Lagos, Portimao, Lagoa, and Tavira.

Note: "DOC" stands for "Denominação de Origem Controlada," which translates to "Controlled Designation of Origin." It is a classification system used in Portugal to indicate a specific wine region with unique characteristics and quality standards. Wines labeled with a DOC must adhere to specific regulations regarding grape varieties, viticultural practices, and winemaking methods to ensure a certain level of quality and authenticity associated with that particular region. Its south-facing location provides a sunny, warm climate ideal for vine growth, with shelter from northern winds and ocean breezes.

best beaches in Algarve

Grape varieties:

  • Popular grape varieties include Castelao, Syrah, Arinto, Siria, and Moscatel Graudo.

Algarve wine:

  • Red wines dominate, mainly using Tinta Negra Mole and Crato Branco varietals, benefiting from over 3,000 hours of annual sun.
  • Described as soft and low in acidity, these red wines are perfect for the warm climate.
  • White wines, though less common, are full-bodied and fresh, suitable for summer days.

Algarve wineries and Algarve vineyards:

Here, we've selected the best wineries and vineyards in the Algarve for your wine tour consideration. 

  • Adega do Cantor: Located in Albufeira, known for its connection with Sir Cliff Richard and producing high-quality wines.
  • Herdade dos Pimentéis: Found in the Portimao region, known for producing distinct wines with a focus on sustainability.
  • Monte da Casteleja: Situated in Lagos, this winery emphasizes organic and biodynamic cultivation.
  • Adega Cooperativa do Algarve: Based in Lagos, it's one of the oldest cooperatives in the region, showcasing a variety of local wines.
  • Quinta do Morgado da Torre: Situated in Alvor, known for its historical estate and producing quality wines.
  • Quinta dos Vales: Found in the Estombar region, offering a unique experience with a sculpture garden alongside wine tastings.

Algarve gardens: Unique places for Algarve excursions

Algarve gardens: Unique places for Algarve excursions

If you enjoy strolling through the gardens, alone or with the family, these are some of the gardens in the Algarve that are worth a visit:

  • Jardim da Alameda João de Deus (Faro)
  • Parque Municipal de Loulé (Loulé)
  • Jardim Pescador Olhanense (Olhão)
  • Jardim Manuel Bivar (Faro)
  • Jardim da Alagoa (Faro) 

Camping Algarve: Top spots

Ready for camping in the Algarve? Check out the best spots to set up camp and enjoy the natural beauty of this coastal paradise.

  • Camping Ria Formosa (Tavira) 
  • Parque Autocaravanas Açoteias (Olhos de Água, Albufeira) 
  • Camping Trindade (Lagos) 
  • Salema Eco Camp (Salema) 
  • Figueira Caravan Park (Budens)
  • Orbitur Sagres (Sagres) 
  • Camping Serrão (Aljezur) 

Hiking in Algarve: Best trails

Hiking in Algarve: Best trails

With its varied landscapes and captivating trails, the Algarve invites nature lovers to discover its charm. Lace up your boots and embark on a hiking adventure in this captivating destination. These are some of the top trails you can explore: 

Seven Hanging Valleys Trail

  • Stretching between Praia da Marinha and Praia do Vale de Centeanes, this 11.4 km coastal walk offers stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, jagged cliffs, and sandy beaches. Best visited in winter to avoid crowds. Close to the renowned Benagil Cave.

Carvoeiro Boardwalk and Algar Seco

  • Extend your Seven Hanging Valleys hike with the Algar Seco caves and Carvoeiro Boardwalk. Easily accessible on foot or by car, providing picturesque coastal views.

Rota Vicentina: The Fishermen’s Trail

  • Spanning 750 km, this trail in the Vicentine Coast Natural Park showcases deserted beaches and the power of the Atlantic waves, offering stunning views of cliffs and beaches. 

Ponta da Piedade

  • Located at the eastern end of the Fishermen's Trail, Ponta da Piedade boasts fantastic rock formations. Access the picturesque cove or take a boat/kayak tour to explore arches and grottoes.

Rota Vicentina: The Historical Way

  • A 260-km trail from Santiago do Cacém Church to Cape St. Vincent, the Historical Way explores rural landscapes, historical attractions, and authentic villages. Fewer hikers make it a peaceful journey into the region's history.

Via Algarviana

  • The Via Algarviana trail covers 300 km from Cape St. Vincent to Alcoutim, away from the coast. Explore the hilly interior, traditional villages, and scenic countryside. Monchique, a charming mountain town, offers a unique hiking experience.

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Nightlife in Algarve

The Algarve offers a diverse nightlife with numerous clubs and bars, especially in Albufeira, Portimão, and Faro, ranging from luxurious rooftop bars to late-night clubs. Here are a few highlights


  • Nightlife tailored for night owls; hidden gem Sal Rosa offers a quiet drink with a beach view.


  • Luxury beach bars like Rooftop Arade Bar with fantastic city and river views.


  • Columbus cocktail and wine bar in the city center and LAB Terrace - Sunset Bar with modern atmosphere, live music, and stunning views.

Kitesurfing in Algarve


  • Numerous kitesurfing spots along the entire Algarve coastline.
  • Variety means excitement for all levels.
  • Algarve offers over 300 sunny days a year with minimal rainfall.
  • Lagos, Algarve: Home to one of Europe's best kitesurfing spots, ensuring a great Algarve kitesurfing experience. 


  • Algarve weather is changeable due to Atlantic and Mediterranean seas merging.
  • Locals provide timely updates and warnings.
  • Temperature: Warm in summer (24 - 32°C), colder in winter (14 - 20°C).
  • Water temperatures: 24°C in summer, 15°C in winter.

Best winds:

  • South Coast Season: March - September.
  • West Coast Season: November - March.

Best kite spots in Algarve:

  • Alvor Lagoon
  • Meia Praia
  • Martinhal
  • Tonel
  • Praia da Bordeira
  • Amado
  • Ilha da Culatra
  • Ilha da Barreta (Ilha Deserta)
  • Barrinha
  • Praia de Faro
  • Praia da Fuseta 
  • Praia do Barril

Where to surf in Algarve

Where to surf in Algarve

The Algarve is known for its mature surf scene and offers a diverse and exciting destination for enthusiasts of all levels. This guide gives a quick overview of surfing in the Algarve and provides essential information for those seeking the region's famous waves, including the best Algarve surfing beaches and Algarve surf schools. 

Renting a car for flexibility:

  • Renting a car in the Algarve depends on your surf plans.
  • Two types of surf trips: sticking to one spot or exploring multiple spots.
  • Algarve, especially the western part, is ideal for exploring various surf spots.
  • Excellent, rarely busy roads and affordable car hires (approximately $250-400 for the whole month) make it convenient.

Surf spots in the western Algarve:

  • Western Algarve is considered the best surf territory in Portugal.
  • Stunning, remote bays with reliable waves.
  • Miles of coastline with a swell window open to NW down to SW channels.
  • Options for both big waves and beginner-friendly breaks.
    • Highlighted spots:
      • Arrifana: Reliable beach break and a busy point break.
      • Aljezur: A surfer's hub with fantastic beaches.
      • Carrapateira: Spectacular lefts for experienced surfers.
      • Beliche: Classy waves with challenges and suitable for beginners.
      • Sagres: Surf capital with individual beaches like Tonel and Praia do Martinhal.

Surf spots in the south Algarve:

  • South Algarve, while less consistent, offers quality breaks.
  • Zavial presents hollow walls, Praia da Luz has two point breaks, and Albufeira is known for its resort town atmosphere.
  • Warmer waters and more sheltered conditions for a different surfing experience.

Surf camps and accommodations:

  • Over 60 surf camps available for a focused surfing experience.

Recommended surf camps:

  • Tiny Whale Surf Lodge (West and south coasts, beginner-intermediate).
  • Algarve Watersport (Beginner surf camp with focus on technique and yoga).

Best surf hotels in the Algarve:

  • Endless Summer Surf House (Arrifana and Monte Clerigo, $-$$).
  • Martinhal Sagres Beach Family Resort Hotel (Sagres, $$-$$$).
  • Salema Beach Village (Self-contained rentals, $$-$$$).
  • Carrapateiramar Guest House (Western Algarve, $$).

Surf lessons and schools:

  • Plenty of surf schools offering short lessons ($30-60).
  • Options for total beginners to advanced surfers.
  • Pre-booked lessons available in towns like Sagres and Aljezur.
  • Recommended lessons: 2-hour beginner surf lesson in Sagres and surfing lesson at Galé Beach in Albufeira.

Skydiving in Algarve

For those who want to experience the thrill of skydiving in the semantic Algarve region, we recommend the following center, considered the best in the Algarve.

  • Skydive Algarve

Located in the coastal town of Alvor, Skydive Algarve offers skydiving experiences for both experienced jumpers and those planning their first tandem skydive. The highly experienced team of skydiving professionals is dedicated to providing a safe and thrilling freefall experience from 15,000ft (4600m).

Conveniently situated just 40 minutes’ drive from Faro airport, and in close proximity to Portimao and Lagos, Skydive Algarve has become a sought-after destination for skydiving enthusiasts in Europe.

The most popular option is the tandem skydive, perfect for first-time jumpers. Additionally, there is now the option to land on Alvor beach. 

Wedding venues in Algarve

Famous for its beautiful coastline, otherworldly beaches, and sunny weather, the Algarve has become a favorite spot for couples looking to tie the knot. If you want a nice Algarve wedding experience, here are some venues to consider

  • Casa Monte Cristo Collection
  • Quinta Dos Oliveiras
  • Tivoli Carvoeiro Algarve Resort
  • Vila Vita Parc Resort & Spa
  • Conrad Algarve
  • Tivoli Marina Vilamoura Algarve Resort
  • Cascade Wellness Resort
  • Pine Cliffs Gardens
  • NAU Salgados Palace

When picking a wedding venue, think about these things:

  • Capacity: Check if the venue can hold all your guests.
  • Location: Consider how easy it is to reach, transportation options, and nearby attractions.
  • Services: Find out what services the venue provides, like catering, decoration, music, and places to stay.
  • Budget: Set a budget and look for venues that match what you can afford.
  • Style: Pick a venue that matches your wedding style and what you like.

For football enthusiasts: Algarve stadium

Algarve Stadium

Football fans visiting the Algarve region of Portugal should consider a visit to Estádio Algarve. This association football stadium, strategically situated between Faro and Loulé municipalities, offers an engaging experience for enthusiasts. 

With a seating capacity of 30,305, Estádio Algarve was purposefully constructed for the UEFA Euro 2004 championship. Beyond its historical significance, the stadium provides an excellent venue for enjoying football matches and soaking in the lively atmosphere of the sport.

Algarve Cup

If you are a football fan, you may have heard of the Algarve Cup. Here is some information about this cup for you if you want to improve your football knowledge.

The Algarve Cup, which has been held annually in the  Algarve region since 1994, is one of the most prestigious and longest-running international women's football tournaments and is also known as the “Mini FIFA Women's World Cup.”

Algarve International Circuit & Algarve Pro Racing

Designed to captivate racing enthusiasts and a diverse audience, the Algarve International Circuit, also known as the Portimão Circuit, offers an exciting experience in the heart of Portimão, Algarve, Portugal.

With a length of 4.653 km, the Algarve circuit isn't only suitable for an adrenaline-seeking crowd but also provides a versatile venue for various motorsport activities

With a karting track, an off-road track and a technology park, it's a paradise for those who are passionate about cutting-edge racing and innovation. In addition, the facility includes a five-star hotel, sports complex and apartments, providing a well-rounded venue for a range of interests beyond the racetrack. 

To find out more about racing in the Algarve and read the latest news and updates, visit the website of Algarve Pro Racing, a motorsport team with established and title-winning campaigns in the European Le Mans Series, Asian Le Mans Series and IMSA WeatherTech SportsCar Championship, as well as 24 Hours of Le Mans.

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Algarve car rental

Although public transportation is available in the main areas of the Algarve, renting a car offers a greater degree of freedom and convenience. Here is some information that can help you have a good experience with a car rental.

Tips for renting a car in Algarve:

Child Safety:

  • Portugal mandates booster seats for kids aged 4-8.
  • Request booster seats at car pick-up; daily cost applies.

Road caution:

  • Exercise caution despite well-maintained roads.
  • Watch for pedestrians, cyclists, and follow traffic signals.

Choose the right model:

  • Select the car model based on purpose.
  • Economy cars for solo travelers; easy parking.
  • Larger vehicles for family or group travel.  

Traffic challenges:

  • Morning (6 am - 8:45 am) and evening (4 pm - 6 pm) rush hours.
  • Plan accordingly during peak traffic times.

Booking tips:

  • You can typically find cars in Algarve for $12 or less.
  • Book at least 1 day before for below-average prices.
  • Off-airport locations are much more expensive than airports.

Top car rentals in Algarve (with 4-star reviews or higher on Google) 

  • Drive 4 Miles Rent a Car
  • Yes Car Hire
  • Amoita
  • Lagorent
  • Golfauto Rent-a-car
  • Algarve Car Hire | Auto Green rent a car 
  • Best Deal
  • Panda Car 

Note: Availability may vary, and it's advisable to check specific locations and offerings for each car rental company in each region.

Shopping in Algarve

Algarve Shopping mall

In the Algarve, you can find modern malls and traditional markets for a diverse retail experience. Whether you're into designer outlets, local goods, or fresh produce, the Algarve has it all. Here are some top shopping destinations:

  • Mercado de Loulé: A landmark in the namesake hilltop town, offering a unique shopping experience.
  • Designer Outlet Algarve, Almancil: Stylish shopping with budget-friendly prices.
  • MAR Shopping Algarve, Almancil: Family-friendly shopping and leisure options.
  • AlgarveShopping, Guia: A modern shopping mall with convenient services.
  • Aqua Portimão Shopping Centre: A contemporary shopping hub with a great variety.
  • Forum Algarve, Faro: A large shopping mall near Faro Airport.
  • Mercados de Olhão: A great source of local fresh produce from the Algarve region.
  • Mercado da Fonte Santa, Quarteira: A gipsy market selling affordable items.
  • Faro Municipal Market: A source of fresh food in the city.
  • Albufeira Shopping: A compact and convenient shopping spot in the coastal city.

Algarve food experience: What to eat in Algarve and best restaurants in Algarve Portugal

With a focus on seafood and a backdrop of stunning sunsets, the Algarve promises a delightful dining experience. 

Here are some dishes you should try in the Algarve:

  • Couvert
  • Conquilhas à Algarvia
  • Cataplana de marisco
  • Feijoada
  • Dom Rodrigos
  • Leitão
  • Caldo verde

Below you will find a list of the best restaurants in the Algarve. Ensure you reserve your spot in advance, as these sought-after restaurants fill up quickly. 

  • Loki Restaurante, Portimão: Immerse yourself in a unique daily menu by the Ponte Velha.
  • Restaurante Rei das Praias, Ferragudo: Enjoy a sunset over a platter of BBQ seafood.
  • Tasca do Kiko, Lagos: Delight in tapas at this charming spot just south of Marina de Lagos.
  • Gigi's Beach Bar, Quinta do Lago, Almancil: Relish lunch by a tidal lagoon in this picturesque setting.

Michelin star restaurants Algarve

If you prefer fine dining in the Algarve, you can try the following Michelin-starred restaurants: 

  • Vila Joya At Hotel Vila Joya, Galé
  • Ocean Restaurant At Vila Vita Parc, Porches
  • Vista, Portimão
  • A Ver Tavira, Tavira 
  • Gusto by Heinz Beck, Almancil 

Algarve BBC delights

If you’re looking for a BBQ restaurant in the Algarve, we recommend the following:

  • Rei do Churrasco, Quarteira
  • Vai e Volta, Olhao
  • Casa Corvo, Fuseta
  • Churrasqueira Valdemar, Silves
  • Urban Grill, Portimao

Lisbon to Algarve day trip

A day trip from Lisbon to Algarve allows you to discover the beauty of southern Portugal. Lisbon and Algarve are about 173 miles (280 km) apart. The trip can take 2.5 to 3.5 hours, depending on how you travel. The following tips help you enjoy a perfect Algarve day trip from Lisbon. 

  • Early start: Begin your day trip early to make the most of your time exploring Algarve.
  • Plan your route: Map out your route in advance to ensure a smooth and efficient journey.
  • Key attractions: Identify the key attractions in the Algarve you want to visit during your day trip.
  • Transportation: Choose the most suitable transportation mode for your day trip, considering factors like driving or public transportation.
  • Weather check: Check the weather forecast for the Algarve to pack accordingly and plan outdoor activities.
  • Local cuisine: Sample local Algarvian cuisine during your visit; ask locals for recommendations.
  • Flexible schedule: Keep your schedule flexible to adapt to unexpected discoveries or additional stops.
  • Cultural immersion: Immerse yourself in the local culture by interacting with locals and exploring authentic spots.
  • Capture memories: Bring a camera or smartphone to capture memorable moments during your day trip. But don’t overdo it and live in the moment. 
  • Safety precautions: Ensure safety by adhering to local guidelines and being aware of your surroundings. 

Flatio: Your key to an unforgettable stay in Algarve

The Algarve is one of the most popular destinations on Flatio, and this is not surprising given what we have described above.

Many tenants consider Flatio to be a great alternative to accommodations on Airbnb,, and Vrbo, mainly thanks to the following features: 

  • Fully furnished, remote, work-friendly rooms, flats, and houses
  • Flexible rental options (from 5 days to long-term stays) 
  • Deposit-free policy
  • Utilities and Wi-Fi included
  • Lawyer-reviewed, visa-friendly lease agreements (translated into multiple languages)
  • Simplified digital rental process
  • StayProtection for Tenants, a service package to help tenants deal with emergencies such as internet problems and blocked doors, as well as accidental damage to property
  • No hidden fees, 100% money protection
  • Move-in Guarantee with a 24/7 emergency line
  • Customer support available every day of the week
  • Listings in over 300 locations across Europe and beyond
  • Reasonably priced accommodation
  • Different types of verified badges for listings
  • A secure and simple payment system (including the possibility to pay with Bitcoin)
  • A very attractive cancelation policy
  • And much more!

sunset in algarve, beach

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