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9. july 2020 · 1 minute

What are the benefits of medium-term rentals for students?

Are you going to start university studies, but are you afraid of living in student dormitories? Do you prefer living in a student apartment, but long-term rental does not make sense to you through the uncertain length of study stay? Then medium-term rentals are the real thing for you!

Medium-term rentals, where you can rent housing for as little as 14 days, combine the best of short-term and long-term rentals. You will fully enjoy living in fully furnished apartments with an internet connection, which will provide you with enough peace and space to study. At the same time, you have the entire lease supported by a contractual document, so you do not have to worry about any unpleasant situations - even so, it is desirable to treat rented housing with respect and to take proper care of it during the rental period. In addition, the rental in the apartment can be extended or terminated if necessary (according to the conditions set out in the specific contract).

The standard of medium-term rentals is that they are without a deposit, you pay a maximum one-time service fee to the intermediary service. Rental prices are final, including energy and internet fees. So don't expect any unnecessary or unexpected expenses. And saving money is what every student will welcome while studying - there is nothing better than enjoying the beauty of the city with a cup of good coffee in hand after a full day of hard study.

So whether you are planning to study at a university in your home country, or you are planning to travel to another country, for example as part of the Erasmus program, try Flatio - an expert on medium-term rentals not only in Central Europe. At Flatio, we offer you all of the above, including nice friendly support, who is willing to offer a helping hand in case of an emergency!

Join hundreds of satisfied landlords! Everything is done online at Flatio, so you'll have more time and less worries.

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