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How much does it cost to advertise on Flatio?

Flatio has been, is, and will always be free! By signing up and submitting a property listing to our portal, you do not commit to anything. You can even advertise on other portals. Advertising on Flatio can be turned on and off at will. Everything is dependent on your satisfaction with our service.

So how does Flatio earn money from our mediated leases? Simply, Flatio collects a commission fee of 7.5% (+ 21% VAT) on any rental that a tenant pays to rent a particular flat. Individual rents are paid to Flatio's collection account, from which the amounts are reduced just by the commission fee and VAT and then are forwarded to the landlord the next business day. 

The only exception is for the first rental payment of a new agreement, which is automatically sent 7 days after the tenant moves in.

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