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How can I begin advertising my first rental?

To have your advertising turned on for the first time and to have it activated by our customer care team it is necessary to fully fill in the details of your offer as well as all additional personal details. Please know that the guide for uploading your rental serves only to acquire the most basic information. It is the basis on which your rental and your user profile is created (in the section My rentals).

For successful advertising of your rental you must fill in further important info. You will find this in the home page (in the Dashboard section). When you filled it in, the option to turn on the advertising of your rental will be activated. Please follow these steps:

  1. Describe your property

Amongst the minimum info required belong: the size of the propertystorey numbernumber of the apartment or room, the existence of Wi-Fi (every offer on Flatio must have wireless internet connection), and at least 5 photographs. Don’t forget that the more and better filled in your rental is the higher it will be placed on the feed of offers in the default sorting on Flatio’s webpage.

All information regarding your rental can be easily filled in in the property’s details. You’ll get there by pressing the button Complete your description.

  1. Build your profile

Even though you most likely only meet your tenants in person when you hand over your accommodation, they’ll be definitely interested in their new landlord. This is why you should pay extra attention to the description of yourself and the attached profile photo. Trusted profiles significantly increase the interest of potential tenants in renting an apartment.

You will do all of this easily by clicking the Complete your profile button.

  1. Enter your billing info

Your billing info is no less important. Without it, we’re unable to generate a lease agreement which is used for every lease mediated by Flatio, nor are we able to generate a bill (and send you the rental regularly).

You can fill in your billing info by clicking the button Add billing info.

  1. Sign an agency contract with Flatio

Before you can turn on the advertisement of your rental for the first time and get your first tenants you must sign the Agency contract. This step is essential as it gives us the right to advertise your accommodation on our website as well as it legally binds us to certain rights and obligations. Please read the Agency contract carefully before signing it. That way we will avoid any future misunderstandings. 

Pressing the Sign button will redirect you to the Agency contract section where you can read the contract by pressing Read button and afterwards sign it by pressing the Sign button. The signature itself must be verified by filling in the provided space with an SMS code which will be sent to your phone number.

  1. Turn on advertising

When you carry out all four steps above you will be presented with the last step on the Dashboard. And that’s turning on the advertising itself. After pressing the Start Advertising button, you will be presented with a window where we make sure you really want to advertise. If you chose yes, the customer service team will be informed of your request and the offer will be checked. If all the info is filled in correctly (and there are no further requests for details on our part) we will be happy to activate your advertising. It will appear on Flatio’s web within an hour of being activated by us.

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