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When can a landlord ask Flatio for help?

Although Flatio is an online service that emphasizes independence and the ability to solve everything through your computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone, we understand that from time to time you need to confide your concerns in someone and get help. Our customer support team is ready to help you at [email protected], just please keep in mind that your request will be solved until midnight of the next working day.

It can happen that our customer support team receives a lot of requests at once and so you may get a message that they are busy. We are constantly striving to improve our services (and the team's reaction time) to keep the requests as low as possible, thus creating space for truly pressing situations.

When can I contact Customer Support?

  • When you need to find out more about a booking request and a potential tenant.
  • When you want to approve/reject a reservation but are unable to do it yourself.
  • When you need to make changes to your booking request – for example, if you do not like the booking deadline and want to offer an alternative term.
  • When you need to edit information in your lease agreement.
  • When you are unclear about the terms and conditions or the lease agreement.
  • For guidance using My Rentals.
  • If you have a question about anything related to Flatio.

When can’t the customer support team assist me?

  • If the tenant fails to pay their landlord on time or at all – of course, we call and contact the tenant, but the decision about how to handle it is always up to the landlord.
  • Also, Flatio cannot currently help with evictions because we have no legal basis to do so – lease agreements are between landlords and tenants. So, landlords will need to handle evicting a problem tenant. That said, however, please be assured that evictions with Flatio tenants are extremely rare. This is because Flatio tenants are typically looking for a limited-term stay and have no need to stay longer than you wish them to.

In what cases will the customer support team contact a landlord via email or by phone?

  • If your property listing lacks the necessary information.
  • When your property listing needs more photos. Potential tenants need to see what the flat is like so that they can make a decision to rent.
  • If you have a reservation request that you haven't commented on within 24 hours.
  • If a potential tenant did not complete the lease paperwork.
  • On your tenant’s move-in day.
  • When a potential tenant has a question about the property that can’t be answered from the information you have already provided.
  • When you need to update the property availability.
  • When you need to add to or amend an existing contract.
  • When we have news for you (system or financial).
  • If we suspect you are using Flatio in a way that is dishonest or could harm tenants or our system.
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