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Apartments for rent in Austria

Are you going to be heading to Austria and you’re terrified of complicated apartment hunting? Don’t worry, you can easily find housing in Austria through Flatio and save yourself lots of time and worries. At Flatio, everything from looking at apartments through booking one is done completely online! Including signing a contract – you don’t have to worry about signing anything that puts you at a disadvantage. With us, the contract is clear and easily comprehensible and you can look through it in advance – we have nothing to hide from you. You can start getting excited for your Austria trip now!

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Newest apartments for rent in Austria

At Flatio, new housing offers are always added – don’t forget to look at our website every day, it’s possible that your dream apartment is being added right now. All the apartments are fully furnished and equipped with appliances so you don’t have any more worries after you move in. Internet service is also a part of every apartment on Flatio. Morever, all the prices stated are final and include utilities so monthly, you don’t pay anything extra apart from the rent. At Flatio, you can clearly see in advance, how much and when you’re going to be paying and you can have a clear picture about your future housing and the cost of it. With Flatio, you also don’t have to pay any deposits or traditionally high fees for agencies. And if you have any questions about your apartment of choice, ask the owner directly. Should any problems arise, simply call or message us. At Flatio, we not only take care of you while you’re looking for your apartment but also through the time you’re living in it. Looking for a few month housing in Austria has never been simpler!

Arber D.
after 21 hours
Discount up to 3 % 3 400  / 30 days
3 298  / 30 days
110  / night
Arber D.
after 21 hours
Discount up to 4 % 5 400  / 30 days
5 200  / 30 days
173  / night

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