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How does Flatio work?

List your property. You can schedule a free photoshoot with Flatio so tenants see your property at its best!
Accept a reservation request. Before you sign the contract online, you can check the tenant’s profile and read their reviews from other Flatio landlords.
Enjoy your free time! Rental payments are deposited in your account automatically.
Say a happy goodbye to your tenants when the contract ends. You can list the property again immediately to start looking for your next tenant.

Interested in more detail about mid-term rentals at Flatio?
Check our knowledge base for landlords and figure out how you can easily rent out your flat in Grindelwald.

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Comparing short-term and mid-term rentals

  Short-term Mid-term
Length of stay 1 to 14 nights 1 to 12 months
Time consumption Extremely high Low
Daily communication with tenants Yes No
Can you do it if you have a full-time job With difficulty Easily
Typical tenant Tourists, parties Business travelers, expats, students, digital nomads, young professionals, lo­cals
Rent payments in advance No Yes
Lease agreement No Yes
Wear and tear on property High Low
Disturbing neighbours Common Rare
Local restrictions and taxes Common Rare
High season 4–8, 12 (Easter, Christmas, Summer) 1–4, 9–11

Still have questions about mid‑term rentals in Grindelwald

Feel free to ask us anything you need to know about renting out your property for a few months.

Offers in Grindelwald

You're not a landlord?

Are you looking for a flat to rent in Grindelwald? Follow this link to find the best accommodation in Grindelwald for you.

Are you a company operating in Grindelwald and looking for the opportunity to easily rent apartments for your employees from one to twelve months? See more information about the Flatio for bu­siness program.

Why Flatio

You’re free to list your property where it serves you best! While renting your property for short periods can be a smart choice in the high season, mid-term rentals are the clever choice for filling your occupancy during the low and shoulder seasons. Mid-term rentals are also easier for you to manage because there is less turnover needed to meet your revenue goals. Because we think you deserve to get the most value from your property, Flatio allows you to list your property with us and with the short-term rental services of your choice—it’s only fair!

Why Flatio?
Read the lease agreement in advance
You can read the text of the lease agreement before making a reservation request at every offer. Take a moment to read it, we wrote it out as easily as possible.

List your apartment for free

That's right – listing your apartment on Flatio is free of charge. We only ask for a commission once a tenant rents your flat.

Is Flatio a real alternative to Airbnb for landlords in Grindelwald?

You probably have experience with websites like Airbnb, VRBO, Flipkey, Expedia,, Tripadvisor, Spotahome, Uniplaces or HomeAway. They are worth trying because they are similar to Airbnb. But only if you still want to rent out your property to tourists for their vacation in Grindelwald. If you want to keep communicating every day with new tenants and spend a huge amount of time cleaning, changing sheets/towels and doing laundry, then keep renting with them.

But if you are looking for a true alternative to Airbnb you should question if short-term rentals are really the best for you. Because using another vacation rental site means you are still in the short-term rental business with all the pros and cons (like local regulations and taxes in Grindelwald or unhappy neighbors). If you want a real alternative, you should start renting to a mid-term rental market. This means renting out your property for 1 to 12 months to completely different travelers than tourists. You’ll mostly encounter business managers, IT specialists, expats, digital nomads or young professionals. Simply stated, they’re people like you who want to stay in Grindelwald for several months because they have a job opportunity or just love living in Grindelwald while working remotely.

Start with the true alternative to Airbnb right now and join thousands of landlords at, the best solution for mid-term rentals.

Comparing Flatio and Airbnb

Comparing Flatio Outcome Airbnb
Who are the tenants Business travelers, expats, students, digital nomads, young professionals, lo­cals not equal Tourists
Length of stay (in general) 1 to 12 months not equal 1 to 14 days
Amenities in the flat Fully equipped with internet equal Fully equipped with internet
Legal aspect Multilanguage lease agreement not equal Terms and conditions
Local restrictions Low not equal High
Time commitment Once every few months not equal Every day
Online solution Whole process online equal Whole process online
VR tours of apartments Yes not equal No
Rent payment in advance Yes equal Yes
Simple rules for a few month’s stay Yes, set by Flatio not equal You have to negotiate with the tenant
Customer support Easily accessible via chat, mail or telephone not equal Hard to get in touch with someone in person
Cleanings Done by the tenant not equal Done by you/your staff
Messaging with potential tenant From time to time not equal Every day
Handing over the keys/apartments Several times a year not equal Several times a week
Risk of disturbing your neighbours Low not equal High
Recurring payments Yes, automated not equal No
High Season 4–8, 12 (Easter, Christmas, Summer) not equal 1–4, 9–11

Is my flat suitable for middle-term rentals

See the examples of apartments landlords usually offer with Flatio. Is your property located in Grindelwald, or similar or an even better location? Don’t waste your time and start advertising with Flatio right now. It’s free!

from  3 040  / 30 days
from  101  / day

Rent your apartment hassle-free and without stress

From contract templates to all other documents you need to rent your flat, we've got you covered. You can also trust our Damage Coverage Guarantee and tenants' recommendations from other apartment owners.

Damage Coverage Guarantee

For each apartment you rent on Flatio, we establish a 10,000 EUR fund to cover all emergency costs and unexpected damage.

More about Damage Coverage Guarantee
Terms of Damage Coverage Guarantee

Fine-tuned legal support

Leave all the legal stuff to us. We provide you with verified lease agreements available in multiple languages.

How does the online signing of the lease agreement work?
Lease agreement template
Agency contract

Tenant reviews

We ask all landlords for feedback on their tenants so you know in advance what to expect from them.

Flatio story

Flatio is the clever way to rent. We connect landlords in cities all over the world with tenants looking for a home from a month to a year, simplify paperwork, and secure payments.

We started Flatio after years of experience renting properties to students and young professionals. We understand how important it is for landlords to make their property attractive to the right tenants, and for tenants to select the best local neighborhood and amenities for their needs. We set out to use the latest technology and security to automate the rental process, from painless first contact between tenant and owner to a satisfied key handover when the tenant moves out. And even though we operate in many cities internationally, we get to know each location advertised on our site in great detail so that we can help landlords and tenants find the perfect match.

We know that renting a property requires a lot of trust — from both sides! — and so we have made our rules and rental agreements as fair as possible so that both tenants and landlords are in a strong, secure position. The rental contract is between the landlord and the tenant but, like a good neighbour, we’re here to help whenever necessary.

List your apartment for free

That's right – listing your apartment on Flatio is free of charge. We only ask for a commission once a tenant rents your flat.