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20 Life Skills Co-Living Teaches You: From Effective Communication to Self-Awareness

25. february 2023 · 4 minute

Co-living is a modern lifestyle trend that has been gaining popularity lately. It's a new and unique way of living where people from different backgrounds come together to share spaces such as kitchens, lounges, and work areas. 

Co-living isn't only a comfortable, affordable, and convenient way to live, but it also teaches you many life lessons. Here are 20 things you'll learn while co-living.

1. Responsibility 

When you have the opportunity to live with others, you'll learn the importance of taking responsibility for your actions, such as paying your bills on time, respecting the common areas, and cleaning up after yourself.

2. The art of compromise

Living with others means making compromises in many areas, such as space, time, and resources. In living together, you learn to negotiate, collaborate, and find mutually beneficial solutions.

3. Respect for diversity

In living together, you learn about different cultures, beliefs, and backgrounds. This experience teaches you the importance of tolerance, respect, and acceptance of others' differences.

4. Effective communication 

Living with others requires effective communication to avoid misunderstandings and conflicts. In living together, you learn to communicate your needs, listen actively, and resolve conflicts amicably.

5. How to be a good roommate

In co-living, you'll learn how to be a good roommate by respecting others' privacy, cleaning up after yourself, and being considerate.

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6. Time management

Living with others means sharing common spaces and resources like the kitchen and bathroom. The experience of co-living teaches you how to manage your time effectively to avoid conflict and procrastination.

7. The value of community

By living together, you'll meet a new community of people from different backgrounds and cultures. When you live with them, you learn how to socialize, interact, and build a community that supports you and works together.

8. Flexibility

It is important to be flexible when living with other people, especially when it comes to adjusting to their schedules and routines. Living together teaches you to adjust to other people's needs and adapt to them.

9. Networking skills

You'll meet people from diverse backgrounds and professions, learn networking skills, build relationships, and create opportunities through living together.

10. Creativity

Living with others provides an environment that fosters creativity and innovation because it offers the opportunity to share ideas, resources and perspectives that can inspire your creativity. 

11. Problem-solving skills

Conflicts, breakdowns, and emergencies are some of the issues living with other people brings. When you live together, you figure out how to identify problems, come up with solutions, and solve them as a team.

12. Emotional intelligence

Having a community living experience teaches you how to manage your emotions, empathize with people, and build long-lasting relationships. 

13. Budgeting

Co-living offers an affordable and convenient way to live, but it requires budgeting to manage shared expenses like rent, utilities, and food. In co-living, you'll learn how to manage your budget and finances.

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14. Sharing

In living together, you learn how to share common spaces and resources such as the kitchen, living room, and work area. Through this experience, you learn to be generous and considerate of other people's needs.

15. Minimalism

Living together in a shared accommodation requires minimalism, especially when it comes to personal possessions and space. When you live in a shared place, you learn how to simplify your life, declutter, and get by with less.

16. Time management

Living with others means managing schedules and routines to avoid conflict and procrastination. The experience of co-living teaches you how to manage your time effectively, prioritize tasks, and create routines that work for everyone.

17. Self-awareness

Living with others trains self-awareness by requiring a high level of mindfulness, consideration for others, and effective communication skills. Co-living can also bring out aspects of your personality and behavior that you may not have been aware of before. You also learn about other personalities, cultures, and backgrounds as you live together, which can broaden your perspective and challenge your assumptions.

18. Conflict resolution

Having to live with others can sometimes result in conflict, whether it's a disagreement over the use of a shared space or a misunderstanding. Co-living teaches you how to deal with conflict in a respectful and peaceful manner so that you can live together in peace and harmony.

19. Respect for personal space

Living in close proximity to others requires a certain amount of mindfulness and consideration. So there is no doubt that living together is an experience that will help you develop a greater understanding of personal space and boundaries.

20. Growth-oriented mindset

When living together in a residential accommodation with various perspectives and experiences, you are able to broaden your perspective, challenge your assumptions, and grow as an individual. Being part of a community with different perspectives and experiences is an ideal opportunity for personal growth this can benefit both the individual as well as the community.

In summary, community living is more than just a convenient and affordable way of living. It is an enriching experience that teaches you valuable life skills such as effective communication, problem solving, and emotional intelligence. 

You will also learn how to respect diversity, become aware of yourself, and be an active participant in your community. If you are considering living in a live-in community, make sure to keep an open mind and to seize every opportunity that presents itself to you.

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