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Moving from US to Portugal - A real story from one of our tenants

17. august 2021 · 2 minute
Kamra Clemos is a 27-year-old American ESL teacher who enjoys travelling, trying new food, spending time with people, and blogging. She recently moved from the US to Portugal, looking for diversity, kind people, safety, great weather and rich history.

In today's post of our Interview Series with tenants, we have asked Kamra to share a bit about her experience and the process of moving her life to a new continent.

Flatio: Kamra, what were the main challenges you faced when preparing for your trip to Portugal?

Kamra: The main challenge was the visa. When I first applied, I didn't have all the proper paperwork, so I had to reapply five months later. Securing my accommodation in Flatio made the process easier—especially moving to a new country.

Flatio: What kind of service or information did you miss the most and that you think are crucial for people planning to move to Portugal?

Kamra: Making sure that you have all your financial documents in order. That can be the difference between you getting approved for your visa and being denied. Give yourself ample time to prepare for your move. I'd suggest starting your process—at the latest—6 months in advance.

Flatio: How did you hear about Flatio, and how did our services help you on your journey?

Kamra: I heard about Flatio on a Facebook group, and honestly, it was just what I needed. A platform to secure housing with a friendly cancellation policy. It's helpful when applying for a visa because you don't know when you'll be approved. If anything changes, you can modify or just cancel your booking.

Flatio: You said you were looking for diversity, kind people and safety when you decided to move to Portugal. How has your experience been so far in the country? Did you find what you were looking for?

Kamra: Yes! Portugal has been lovely so far. I'm enjoying the fact that things are slower paced here. It's also super easy to meet new people, and I'm enjoying everyone's kindness. I will say, these inclinations in Lisbon are no joke. But it feels good to walk outside more.

Flatio: What were the main lessons learned during moving to another country, and what advice would you give to people planning to do the same?

Kamra: If you want to move, give yourself space to figure the steps out along the way. While I don't believe you have to have everything figured out beforehand, it's a good idea to map things out, so you have an action plan.  These are 10 simple ways you can prepare for your move abroad.

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