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27. april 2021 · 2 minute

An interview with Saulo Sarto from Brazil

Saulo is a 27 years old Brazilian Customer Advisor. He is currently living in Sintra, Portugal. As Saulo works remotely, he and his partner decided to move from Porto to the south of Portugal to be closer to relatives and enjoy warmer weather.

In today’s post of our Interview’s series, Saulo will talk about his experience trying to find a mid-term rental during the pandemic and how Flatio has helped him find what he was looking for.

Flatio: How did you hear about Flatio?

Saulo: I didn't know the platform, so my partner’s cousin found a house and sent us the link in our search for a place. Then it was on Flatio, and that's how we discovered the website, and that fitted perfectly in what we were looking for.

Flatio: Did you face any challenges when looking for a short-term/mid-term rental? 

Saulo: Well, as we were (and still) are in a pandemic situation, we couldn't just go out to find a place. Another challenge was the real estate speculation from the last few years that is not following the national minimum wage. Trying to rent a place 300km away without visiting it and inflated prices were significant challenges.

Flatio: How was your experience using the platform during the booking process?

Saulo: It was pretty easy. All the available information regarding the process is complete and concise, the searching engine is very functional, and the pricing details, clear.

Flatio: Tell us about the accommodation you have chosen and the interaction with the landlord? Anything you'd like to share about the neighbourhood, the food, places to visit, or something else?

Saulo: It was good. We stayed there for three months, and it served our temporary needs. Unfortunately, I couldn't explore the place as much as I wanted due to covid-19, but I can say that the neighbourhood is calm and a little rustic. I enjoyed walking in the streets at any time, and you can see some farm animals around, it is very relaxing. My landlord was amazing, and thanks to him, my stay was great! He was always available to help in whatever we needed.

Flatio: What were the main benefits of renting through Flatio, in your opinion?

Saulo: Having all the services included, like household bills and a fully furnished property, were the main benefits. Not paying a deposit was also excellent.

Flatio: What are the next steps for you (are you travelling again or staying where you are), and would you consider using Flatio again in the future?

Saulo: As we wanted to find a house for an extended stay, we will remain right here in the neighbourhood as we wanted. Incredibly the landlord had another place that got vacant, and he offered to us, so we made a contract, and we'll be around for a while. When things get better and go out again without any restrictions, I'll absolutely consider using Flatio again. There are several offers of great houses in amazing places, and knowing how simple and practical the platform works will make life easier.
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