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7. may 2020 · 2 minute

Clubs in Vienna, Austria

Are you in the mood for a night out, but not sure where to go? Picking a good club is important – after all, lousy music can really kill the vibe. We at Flatio want you to enjoy yourself as much as possible, so we put together this article about Viennese nightlife. So, what is the clubbing scene like in Vienna, and which clubs are the best ones? Read on to find out!

Is Vienna a party city?

That depends on what you mean by that! If by “party city” you mean if it has a club on every corner, then no. But that doesn’t mean Vienna doesn’t like to party! In fact, the nightlife scene in Vienna is vibrant and diverse. At first, it might seem like not much is going on, but the most fun places are hidden away from plain sight, like little treasures you need to seek out. But don’t worry – we’re here to help you with your search!

Nightlife in Vienna

As we said above, Viennese nightlife has lots to offer. Electronic music is very popular (techno in particular), but other styles are around, too. Clubs range from chic to underground, with the underground scene being especially active. Viennese people tend to know a lot about music, so you can expect some quality beats, but at the same time, the clubs in Vienna are often unpretentious and have low entry fees and relaxed door policies, so that’s a plus if you’d rather your night out didn’t make a huge dent in your wallet!

Best clubs in Vienna

Everyone’s tastes are different, and so what constitutes “the best club” is likely to vary from person to person. Nevertheless, as far as great Viennese clubs go, we can recommend these:

  • Grelle Forelle – some say this is the best place for underground techno music in Vienna, and not without reason.
  • Fluc – this club offers everything from drum and bass to techno to tropical, and its location in a former pedestrian passageway gives it a unique vibe.
  • Das Werk – if you’re looking for a really good techno party, visit Das Werk. With two dance floors, affordable drinks, and sometimes even glitter and neon paint, it’s a super fun place to be.
  • rhiz – set right beneath the subway tracks, this club plays indie, industrial, experimental electronic, techno and house music, and it’s very well-known as a top-notch music venue.
  • Celeste – Celeste is a multifunctional space; it has several bars, a basement for jazz concerts, as well as foosball and ping-pong tables and hosts a variety of events, for example, tasteful karaoke nights or fundraisers for LGBTQ refugees. As for the music they play, it mirrors the variety found within the space, because the musical selection changes constantly.

That’s it for our little summary of nightlife in Vienna. Now that you know where to take your friends for a night out, what are you waiting for? Get out there and experience everything the Viennese clubbing scene has to offer!

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