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5. may 2020 · 2 minute

Typical prices of goods in Austria

It can be difficult to know just how much money you need for a nice stay in a new country and Austria is no different. We put together a bit more comprehensive article on the costs of living in Austria which you can find here. But here we want to focus on the nitty-gritty of everyday costs of living in Austria which can get overlooked in wider estimates.

Austria prices – beer

The prices of beer vary a lot. If you go to the supermarket and buy 500ml of a local beer you’ll pay only about 0,50€ but if it’s, say, an imported beer (which comes in cans of 330ml) it costs somewhere between 1€ and 1,2€. If you go to a pub, it will be even more expensive. 500ml of local beer in a pub averages around 3,20€ and if it’s the smaller imported beer, it’s around 2,50€. Keep in mind that the prices of beer in Austria also differ from city to city and from district to district (if you’re, for example, in Vienna’s center, you’ll pay far more for a small glass of local beer than in nice cozy pub in a smaller town like Poysdorf).

Austria prices - food in restaurants

A normal meal in an inexpensive restaurant is somewhere between 9€ and 15€ with McDonald’s being even cheaper, averaging somewhere at about 7,90€. But for a meal for two in a mid-range restaurant which offers about three courses you pay somewhere between 40€ and 60€. It all depends on the restaurant.

Austria McDonalds prices

So it’s like this: A Big Mac (or McChicken) is around 3.59€. Drinks such as coffee, tea, or hot chocolate are around 2€, 2,50€ and 2,40€ respectively and if you want a nice cake with it or a McMuffin, that’ll be around 2€ and 2,20€. Overall, the prices are very cheap.

Austria prices food

Groceries are everyone’s bread and butter (literally) but are the hardest to compare as we all buy different stuff. Here are some items that you might also buy and their average price in Austria:

Milk (1 liter)
Rice (white), (1kg)
Eggs (regular) (12)
Apples (1kg)
Potato (1kg)
Water (1.5 litre bottle)
A loaf of Fresh White Bread (500g)
Tomato (1kg)

Austria prices – drinks

We already discussed beer above, and a glass of wine in a pub will be roughly the same, but if you enjoy clubbing, then your average cocktail will cost about 11€.

Fuel prices Austria

The prices of gasoline in Austria are fairly stable across the country and they are somewhere between 1,17€ and 1,30€ per liter, depending on the gas station.

Cigarette prices in Austria

Cigarettes are similar. A pack of Marlboros is roughly around 5,30€ with the average for the rest of cigarettes at about 5,50€.

Austria prices clothes

Clothing is somewhat expensive in Austria. A pair of jeans (Levi’s 501 and the like) are about 75€ and a summer dress in Zara or H&M is about 38€. Likewise, if you want a pair of Nikes or Adidas shoes it will set you back roughly 89€ and a pair of nice leather business shoes about 98€.

Austria highway prices

up to 3,5t over
over 3,5t
10 days
2 months

*Vehicles over 3,5 tons have to pay toll on the highway.

KFC prices Austria

The prices are roughly 6€ for a wrap, 5€ for a burger with chicken wings and a twin bucket for two for roughly 12€. These differ depending on the city, Vienna being the most expensive.

Price of Netflix in Austria

Netflix is readily available in Austria in the usual three tiers. The first basic tier is 8€ per month, the middle tier (providing HD quality and streaming on two devices at the same time) is at about 12€ per month, and finally, the high tier (which gives users Ultra HD and streaming on four devices at the same time) costs 16€ per month.

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