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24. june 2021 · 2 minute

Where do American Expats Live in Portugal?

Moving to a new country is hard enough without feeling cut off from your home. The best way to feel at least some connection to home is to be around people from the US. But where can you find your fellow Americans in Portugal? Here are just a few places where you can feel right at home, thanks to an outstanding American ex-pat community.

Ex-pats in Lisbon

Unsurprisingly, many Americans choose to live in Portugal's capital, and there's no question about it being one of the best places for foreigners. It provides the best schools for kids and universities for adults. It's home to the country's largest digital nomad community, and it offers over 50 coworking spaces. And it has many opportunities for remote workers or foreigners who want to get into education or work for international companies.

But Lisbon is not just dry opportunities. The city's history turned it into a romantic European holiday destination and a budding metropolis full of art, sports, and food. So if even a single thing here sounds enticing to you, you owe it to yourself to get a midterm rental in Lisbon for at least a few months and see its beauties with your own eyes.

If you are looking for rentals from 14 days to 6 + months you can easily rent a fully furnished and equipped apartment, studio, private room or house at Flatio. There's no deposit for rentals under 6 months and the monthly rent already includes all bills.m

Ex-pats in the Algarve

The Algarve has been sought after by the older generation of ex-pats. Situated at the country's southern border, it has immediate access to the Atlantic Ocean, warm weather and sublime nature. Think of it as Florida, but European and much more relaxed.

Here you can truly unwind. Take a walk around the countless natural reserves in the Algarve, or, if you're feeling like something a bit more proactive, try the many popular outdoor sports like tennis or golf. If you're not ready to retire just yet and you'd like to live here, it is recommended to have a contract before you move or to be a digital nomad or remote worker, as the jobs here are not the most plentiful.

Ex-pats in Porto

Porto is another urban area, slightly less popular with American ex-pats than Lisbon, but it is still a powerhouse of opportunities. This spot is especially popular with university students since the colleges are world famous and their programs are of high quality. What's more, the place is very open to students, making it a favourite of other international students.

So if you want to be in a genuinely open/minded, global place, make sure to hop on Flatio and reserve a few months living in Porto.

Porto, like the rest of Portugal, are incredibly well connected with the rest of Europe. So whether you want to go by train, plane, or rent a car and drive around Europe, Portugal is a beautiful home base for your discoveries of the continent.
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