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1. may 2021 · 2 minute

Why is Porto Santo Island a great choice for Digital Nomads?

Porto Santo Island, sometimes called “The Golden Island”, belongs to the archipelago of Madeira located in the Atlantic Ocean. It’s a small island, only about 42 km2, but there’s a lot packed in it. With many places for digital nomads and remote workers to explore and enjoy, Porto Santo Island is a beautiful destination for a mid-term stay.

What is Porto Santo Island like?

Porto Santo Island has two general geographies: a coastal plain and rocky mountains. The coast is host to, among other things, a nine kilometres long sandy beach, while the mountains are home to gorgeous views and cliffs. The weather is warmer than in the “island of eternal spring” of Madeira, averaging around 25°C in the warmest months of August and September and at about 13°C in the coldest months of January and February.

Though be prepared that the temperatures may shoot well above or below these averages. As for rainfall, the months from April to September are much drier than the rest of the year, which is colder and wetter.

Activities on Porto Santo Island

Life on Porto Santo Island centres around Vila Baleira, sometimes also called Porto Santo, packed to the brim with restaurants, cafés, bars, shopping centres, museums, churches, etc. The city has everything you might need. You can also participate in some of the many festivals, like the Columbus festival or the Tuna or Grape harvest festivals. But what sells Porto Santo Island is nature.

Whether you want to climb Pico da Gandaia and Pico do Facho or dive into the Atlantic Ocean every morning, the island has something for you. The European Best Destinations, which answers the European Commission, has given the island the “European Safest beach 2021” award.

This does not simply include the general pleasantness and beauty of the beach but also the low levels of COVID-19 contagion and the variety of tourist attractions available. The island is a perfect place to wind down for a bit and relax or stretch your legs and spend some time outdoors.

How to get to Porto Santo Island?

There are two ways to get to the island: by air and by sea. Porto Santo has its airport with daily connections from the Madeira island and links to various European cities in England, Germany, Italy, France, Spain, etc. A daily ferry called Lobo Marinho can carry over a thousand passengers between the island of Madeira and Porto Santo.

The trip usually lasts about two and a half hours. Once in Porto Santo Island, you can rent a car, hire a taxi, or use the local tuks or bubbles. The tuks are small three-wheel vehicles that are comfortable and elegant, while the city bubbles are small cars. If you want a more traditional or romantic experience, definitely give tuks ago. 

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