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Join us at Digital Nomad Madeira Island

If you are a remote worker or Digital Nomad looking for your next spot, you just found it! Madeira is one of the most beautiful places in the world and Digital Nomad Village offers a free working space, events and access to the community.

Moving to Madeira can be a challenge but we want you to have an exceptional stay that is why Flatio partned up with Startup Madeira to be the international accommodation provider.

We offer fully furnished apartments and rooms with Wi-Fi, directly from the landlords. With Flatio you can find apartments and rooms to rent for two weeks, a month, or even for one whole year.

Living in the Madeira is for employees, nomads and remote-workers alike

Everyone prefers a different type of accommodation. For that reason, Flatio has prepared a selection of the best rentals in Madeira, whether you’re an expat in search of a fully furnished apartment, a family looking for a 2 bedroom flat for rent, or a digital nomad who needs mid-term accommodation in different locations as you regularly change up where you work to maximize productivity. Below, you will find a list of the best rental apartments in Madeira which will suit you perfectly.

from  626  / 30 days
from  21  / day
All utilities included
950  / 30 days
32  / day
All utilities included
1 000  / 30 days
33  / day
All utilities included
from  628  / 30 days
from  21  / day
All utilities included
800  / 30 days
27  / day
All utilities included

Why Flatio

Flatio’s lease agreements have been carefully written to be fair to both the landlord and the tenant and easy to understand. Bilingual versions allow you to rent confidently to tenants who don’t speak your language. What’s more, you sign everything online, so there’s no need to print or mail copies of the document. Our reservation system automatically enters your information on the contract and lets you quickly re-advertise a property to new tenants once the contract finishes.

Why Flatio?
Rental price on Flatio is the final amount
The rental price includes everything. Internet connection, energy consumption or equipment of the whole apartment. There are no other costs associated with housing, rental price on Flatio is simply the final one.

Newest information from Madeira and surrounding areas on our blog right now

Interested in what you can look forward to in the Madeira area after your arrival? How did the previous tenants like their stay? Take a look at our most recent articles.

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