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How do I update a property’s available dates?

There is nothing worse from a potential tenant’s point of view than when they make a reservation request for a property that shows as available – but then the landlord declines it because it’s actually unavailable. Flatio gives you two ways to keep your availability up to date.

Availability settings options

Automatic availability updates

If you also advertise your property on Airbnb, Booking, or other platforms, this solution will be useful for you. Simply export an iCal calendar for each of your listings on those services, and then import them into Flatio My Rentals. This ensures that any bookings you approve on other services will be automatically entered into our system and your property will not show as “available” on those dates. You can also export a Flatio calendar from our system and import it into other services so that when you approve a reservation request in our system, it will automatically post to your other services and your property will show as unavailable there.

Manual availability updates

Don't have an iCal calendar and so can’t use the system above? No problem. You can also make manual updates to your calendar. This option is also suitable for you if you like to experiment with booking dates.

Availability settings in My Rentals

  1. Go to Properties section, select the property whose availability you wish to edit and click Change dates button.


At the top of the displayed section where you set the menu availability manually, select a specific date range, choose whether your property is Available/Unavailable at this time and Save. The red-tinted field in the calendar means it is unavailable, while green means available.

NOTE: When you create a new property listing, it is always shown on our system as completely available until you change it.


At the bottom of the displayed section, synchronize your calendars to ensure automatic availability. To do that, follow the instructions here.

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