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Apartment sharing Prague 20

Are your study, holiday or work plans guiding you to the heart of Europe? Choose a shared apartment in Prague 20 on Flatio, so you can have a verified room for rent, ready for you, even half a year in advance, according to your needs.

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Apartment sharing in Prague 20 – recently added room offers

A city full of towers and beautiful alleyways. Are you planning a trip to the heart of Europe and staying for a month or a whole year? Is a room for rent enough for you? Choose a suitable room in a shared apartment for rent in Prague 20 on Flatio.

We don't have any offers here at the moment. Check out offers in the whole city for now.

Apartment sharing Prague 20 – without a real estate agency

Why do you have to solve your accomodation problem in the capital of the Czech Republic through a real estate agent when you can do it yourself, without needing to pay high agency fees and provisions? Rent a room in Prague 20 without a real estate agency on Flatio.