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Shared accommodation in Prague 14

Looking for trustworthy shared accommodation in Prague 14? Rely on Flatio. Within our wide range of rooms for rent, which can be reserved for a month or even for a whole year, every traveller, student or employee is sure to find a place that suits them perfectly.

Choose from 581 apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent on Flatio!
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Shared accommodation in Prague 14 – Recently added room offers

Prefer to avoid hostels? University dorms are too noisy for you? On Flatio you can find many offers of shared accommodation in Prague 14 which are much more peaceful and comfortable. Take a look at which rooms for rent are currently available.

from  1 504  / 30 days
from  50  / day
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Shared accommodation in Prague 14 without a real estate agency

You can find nice and trustworthy shared accommodation in the capital of the Czech Republic by yourself, and from anywhere in the world – no need to rely on real estate agencies. Check out the offers on Flatio and rent a room in Prague 14 without a real estate agency.