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Shared accommodation in Prague 5

Are you looking for already tested, shared accommodation in Prague 5 for a month or a whole year? Do you want to be a few minutes’ walk away from the centre? Trust Flatio with your choice of an ideal room for rent and have the reservation sorted within 24 hours after sending the request.

Choose from 539 apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent on Flatio!
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Shared accommodation in Prague 5 – recently added room offers

A grand adventure awaits you in the capital of the Czech Republic soon and you're getting ready to spend a month or half a year in the heart of Europe for your studies or work? Get the ideal shared accommodation in Prague 5 in time. Check out Flatio for recently added room offers of various sizes. Thanks to the many photographs and detailed descriptions you can be sure to know what to expect.

Shared accommodation in Prague 5 – without an estate agency

It's no longer a dream, but a fact of life. Shared accommodation in Prague 5 without an estate agency can be acquired without employing a grand wizard. Just check out Flatio and its selection of ready to be used accommodation.

Even you can rent a room in Prague 5 without an estate agency – do it from anywhere in the world which has an internet connection. The reservation will be 100% sorted in just 24 hours and you'll avoid long waiting periods.

Top-rated rooms for rent in Prague 5

See the experiences of previous visitors when you're looking for temporary accommodation for a month or half a year in the Czech Republic. Choose from top rated rooms for rent in Prague 5 on Flatio.