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Number of apartments/rooms up for rent on Flatio 1
Most affordable offer currently up for rent 345 €
Most expensive offer currently up for rent in St Thomas 345 €
Bonuses of renting your accommodation via Flatio no deposit, online contract
Largest apartment on offer in St Thomas 42 m2
Smallest apartment currently up for rent 42 m2

Location ratings for St Thomas

Visitors and prospective tenants gave St Thomas a total score of 0.

The rating of the location influences how attractive it is to tenants. The more attractive the location is like a flat near the city center, the more popular it will be. So don’t hesitate and conclude the contract for your new apartment or room right away. All the offers available in St Thomas are shown on a map where you can also see the price of the rent for 30 days for each individual rental offer.

Cheap apartments for rent in St Thomas

Opting for cheap apartments in St Thomas not only eases your expenses but also allows you to allocate funds towards savings or other lifestyle enhancements. At Flatio, you can find a vast array of options that cater to your specific needs without compromising on quality or location, making it easier for you to find the perfect spot that feels like home in St Thomas without stretching your budget.

By choosing Flatio, you not only benefit from our extensive listings, from cozy studios to more spacious multi-bedroom cheap accommodation in St Thomas, but also gain access to transparent pricing and straightforward rental procedures.

Apartments in St Thomas without deposit and all utilities included

With apartments without deposit, you can enjoy the freedom of moving into your new home without the financial burden of a hefty upfront payment. This flexibility makes it easier for you to manage your finances and settle into your new place with ease.

Also, with all the bills included in the rent, you won't have to worry about the variance of utility bills, as everything is consolidated into one payment. Flatio features a wide range of apartments in St Thomas where the cost of electricity, water and even internet is included in the rent.

This setup not only simplifies your financial planning but also saves you from the hassle of setting up services when you move in. It's an ideal solution for those who value convenience in their housing expenses.

Choose your preferred length of stay

Short-term apartments in St Thomas

Short-term apartments in St Thomas blend the comfort of home with the flexibility of short-term commitments, making them particularly appealing, each fully furnished to ensure that you can settle in quickly without the burden of long-term leases or the need to purchase furniture.

This can significantly reduce the hassle of setting up services and budgeting for variable costs. Furthermore, short-term apartments in St Thomas come with customizable lease terms, from a few days to several weeks, providing an ideal solution for vacationers, expats and digital nomads.

Monthly apartments in St Thomas

By choosing monthly rentals in St Thomas, you avoid the long-term commitments required by traditional leases, significantly easing the stress of relocating to St Thomas. This arrangement is ideal for professionals and digital nomads on temporary assignments, students in transition between academic programs, or anyone looking to explore a new area before settling down.

Flatio ensures that each property is fully furnished, which means you can settle into a comfortable and stylish monthly apartment in St Thomas immediately upon arrival, without the hassle of moving or buying new furniture.

Long-term apartments in St Thomas

Long-term apartments for rent in St Thomas give you the stability of a fixed address without the long-term financial commitment of buying a property. These rentals on Flatio come with lower monthly payments compared to short-term stays at competitors, and often include amenities that can enhance your living experience.

With our user-friendly search tools and detailed property descriptions, Flatio helps you effortlessly locate flats in St Thomas that meets all your criteria, from location to layout to amenities.

StayProtection + Stay Benefits
New listing
22. 6. - 26. 6. (5 days)
86  / night

345  total + 52  one-time service fee

All utilities included · No deposit

Vacation apartments for rent in St Thomas

Vacation apartments in St Thomas are a fantastic option that can offer you more space and privacy compared to traditional hotel rooms – you not only get the comfort of rentals in St Thomas but also the opportunity to live like a local. Flatio specializes in connecting travelers with the perfect holiday apartments, ensuring you have a memorable and authentic stay.

Moreover, many vacation apartments are located in residential areas close to local attractions, providing a more authentic and enriching travel experience.

Additionally, holiday apartments can be a cost-effective choice, especially for groups and families, as they reduce the need to book multiple hotels in St Thomas and allow for in-house dining, which can significantly cut down on food expenses.

StayProtection + Stay Benefits
New listing
22. 6. - 26. 6. (5 days)
86  / night

345  total + 52  one-time service fee

All utilities included · No deposit

Apartments for rent for everybody

Apartments for digital nomads in St Thomas

Apartments for digital nomads in St Thomas offer remarkable flexibility and convenience for their dynamic lifestyle – they enhance this experience by providing detailed listings. Furthermore, these apartments are strategically located in key urban areas in St Thomas, offering easy access to local amenities, cafes, and co-working spaces, which are vital for maintaining a high-quality work-life balance while on the move.

Apartments for students in St Thomas

Apartments for students in St Thomas provide a viable solution, offering both affordability and a community of peers that can help ease the adjustment to a new city. We specialize in these types of rentals, ensuring that you find a place that's not only budget-friendly but also close to campus facilities. Explore Flatio today to find your ideal student apartments in St Thomas with just a few clicks, and secure a living space that supports both your academic and social life seamlessly!

StayProtection + Stay Benefits
New listing
22. 6. - 26. 6. (5 days)
86  / night

345  total + 52  one-time service fee

All utilities included · No deposit

Apartments for rent without limits

Kid-friendly apartments in St Thomas

By choosing a kid-friendly apartment in St Thomas, you ensure that the environment supports your child's growth and social interactions, making it more than just a place to live but a space to thrive. On Flatio, you can filter options based on your specific needs and find apartments in St Thomas that both you and your children will love. These accommodations are often located near schools and parks, which helps foster a supportive and interactive community for growing children.

Pet-friendly apartments in St Thomas

Similarly, finding pet-friendly apartments in St Thomas is crucial for pet owners who consider their pets integral family members. Visit our accommodation platform to find a place where your pet can thrive, making your new apartment a true home for every member of the family, furry ones included.