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Rent an Apartment in Bratislava

Are you going to Bratislava for a study visit, work trip or will it be your next stop as a digital nomad? Discover he beauties of Slovakia’s capital with the help of the Flatio team. Thanks to us, overpriced hotels and boarding houses won’t bother you anymore. Whether it’s a mid-term rental for one month or half a year, our selection of fully furnished flats has the right apartment for you. After, you only need to submit your online reservation and in 24 hours you will know if it worked out. Thanks to Flatio, renting a flat in Bratislava is fast, simple, and you won’t have to pay a deposit or pointless fees to a real estate agent.

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Bratislava rentals

Are you looking for an apartment with a balcony, a studio apartment or a sturdy four-room flat for a group of schoolmates? Our selection of Bratislava rentals on Flatio will have the right choice for you.

Newest rentals in Bratislava

Are you going to stay in the capital of Slovakia? Bratislava is full of opportunities not just for students but for digital nomads and employees on a business trip as well. Find a home that will suit your needs ahead of time. Follow newest rentals on Flatio and book in time the one that interests you the most.If you can’t decide on an apartment, check out photos and virtual tours in the selection of rentals in Bratislava. These, unlike video tours, will let you explore every room in your own pace. Choosing will be all the more convenient and you, in turn, more satisfied.

from  1 104  / 30 days
from  37  / day
from  990  / 30 days
from  33  / day

Top rated apartments on Flatio in Bratislava

Find the best flats on Flatio with the help of user ratings. Compare the apartment description to real life experiences of previous tenants and make deciding whether a flat is right for you easier.

Choose the ideal accommodation from the best rated apartments you can rent in Bratislava. You can pick from homes of various sizes and dispositions which are fully furnished and equipped with electrical appliances and much more. Afterwards, you can send a reservation request and you will know if it was approved in 24 hours. It is fast, easy, and without deposits or fees for real estate agents.

from  1 104  / 30 days
from  37  / day
from  990  / 30 days
from  33  / day

Live, Work or study in Bratislava

Do you plan to visit Bratislava for 14 days, 4 weeks or even 6 months? Choose short-term or mid-term rental on Flatio that will guarantee you privacy and a quiet home which is usually hard to get in university dormitories. Whether you’re a student, an employee or a digital nomad, the capital city of Slovakia has something for you. Look forward to coworking centres, regular networking and great experiences you’ll fondly remember for a long time.

Living expenses and life in Bratislava

As can be expected from a capital city, Bratislava has higher living expenses than smaller towns in Slovakia. But the cost of living in Bratislava is much lower than in other countries of the European Union. The price of an apartment in Bratislava with 3 rooms (bedroom included) and a kitchen will average around 920€ per month.

Studying Uni in Bratislava

Are you planning to go for a study visit to one of the local universities in Bratislava? Comenius University, University of Economics or even the private Pan-European University are prepared for the annual inflow of students. Don’t force yourself into sharing a room in a dorm; you can enjoy the real life of a student whilst renting your own apartment. Choose from an apartment selection of various dispositions on Flatio, request a reservation and in 24 hours, you will know whether you can count on it.

Erasmus in Bratislava

Experience true student life in the capitol of Slovakia thanks to Erasmus. Visit the Slovak University of Technology, Comenius University or the University of Economics and enjoy the delightful 4 weeks, quarter of a year or 6 months of study, entertainment, and culture that you will remember well into your golden years.

Accommodation for employees in Bratislava

Find an apartment for your employee on Flatio. We will send you an invoice payable even after 60 days, provide exclusive customer service, and what’s more, you don’t need to pay a registration fee. Renting apartments for your employees in Bratislava will be all the cheaper and you don’t need to waste your money on overpriced hotels and boarding houses.