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Apartment for rent Marianske Lazne

Come enjoy Marianske Lazne for a few weeks or month! Whether you’re heading to this beautiful Czech town for work or recreation, you can find your dream housing on Flatio. Without a deposit, stress and unnecessary problems.

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Apartments for rent in Marianske Lazne

All of our housing offers can be found seamlessly on our map, all you have to do is zoom in or shift through it. Every apartment has an exact address so you know exactly where it is. In the apartment description, information about how far important spots like the neares pharmacy, grocery store or public transit stop, can be easily found.

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At Flatio, the range of offers is always getting bigger so always watch out for new apartments you can rent! Each apartment meets the Flatio standards, which means it is fully furnished and an internet connection is always available. With Flatio, you’re also guaranteed the apartment exactly fits its description and photos that you can see in its details. Are you looking for a smaller or bigger place? At the website, you can filter exactly the flat that fits your requirements. And if you have any questions, you always have the option of contacting the owner directly and asking them whatever you’re curious about!

965  / 30 days
32  / day
All utilities included
583  / 30 days
19  / day
All utilities included