Apartments for rent in Tokyo: Student accommodation
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Student apartments in Tokyo

If you are thinking of honing your skills in any kind of creative, innovative, or technologically advanced direction, or if you’re dreaming of being able to read manga without looking for translated versions, Tokyo is the place for you. The incredibly advanced, forward-thinking nation of Japan is now working on attracting increasing numbers of foreign students to its cities, so hesitate no more. Find with us international student accommodation and make your dream come true. We’ll help you find the right fit.
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Located a 12min walk from Koenji station, a 15min walk from Nakano Station, a 10min walk from Nogata Station. The bus stop is 1min walk away. Shinjuku is a 10min ride from Koenji Station!
This 40 square meter studio is in the second floor. It’s in a quiet neighborhood. A 15 min away from Koenji station, where you are a 10min train ride away from central Shinjuku.
Unwind at this stunning Luxury Villa in Tokyo. The house was lovingly decorated and designed with modern furniture and comfortable beds a for a luxurious yet charming feel. A fully stocked kitchen is inviting your family and friends to gather. The large bath tub, spacious shower and double vanity feels like a spa. With a 24h open convenience store 1min walk away, a large park 2min walk away and…

Cheap student accommodation in Tokyo

If you prioritize being close to your university, focus on finding a student room rather close to your alma mater. Even if commuting around Tokyo is not hard (they are famous for its incredibly efficient and punctual public transportation), it will spare you stress and crowds that are probably as renowned. For example student flats to rent around the University of Tokyo are a very common choice. If you’re into exploring Tokyo’s culture and life, below are some ideas for you.

Best student apartments and flats in sleepless Tokyo

Many students decide to stay closer to the city’s highlights. There are furnished student apartments located nearby the trendy Shinjuku(新宿), Harajuku(原宿) and Ikebukuro(池袋) districts. Why are these so interesting?

Student studio apartments in Shinjuku(新宿), Tokyo

Shinjuku is one of the major players in the city, with shopping malls, iconic skyscrapers, clubs, theaters and boutiques that many come to explore while in Japan. If you decide for this district to be your home, and find a luxury student accommodation in the area, you will have easy access to one of the world’s biggest train stations, some of the city’s tallest towers, but also cute little streets with small shops and restaurants hidden between neon lights of its wide avenues. And a national park!

Private student accommodation in Harajuku(原宿), Tokyo

Harajuku is the dream place for everyone who’s into fashion, food and contemporary art. You probably have seen the famous Harajuku girls somewhere on television or online. Their eclectic outfits became the symbol of Tokyo. Even if these colorful, flamboyant young girls are not as omnipresent here these days as they used to be, the area is still the favorite spot for everyone who looks for daring fashion, sweet treats, and great nightlife. If you’re in Tokyo to learn and get a creative boost, focus on finding your Erasmus accommodation somewhere here.

Summer student accommodation in Ikebukuro(池袋), Tokyo

If you’re moving to Japan for the summer, a fully furnished student accommodation in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro is yet another great place to live. This up-and-coming district is filled with manga shops and cosplayers strolling around its well-known shopping malls and parks. The hot spot for manga fans is Naka-ikebukuro Park. If you’re into higher culture, you’ll be right next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Theater, known for its classical music concerts and opera. And, of course, plenty of top-notch ramen shops at a walking distance.

Room for rent in Tokyo for student with Flatio

What now? Choose which student accommodation suits you best, click ‘Reservation Request’ and wait for less than 24 hours to see if your request is approved. If the answer is yes, you can fill in the rest of the paperwork and sign the contract online. Flatio offers all this for a small reservation fee of €19 and a low service fee. There is no deposit to pay. It is cheap and simple to find the place you want.

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