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Student apartments in Paris

The city of love, cheese, and wine. The city of beauty and art, fine tastes, fashion and some of the planet’s most iconic sites. Paris. Everyone knows it is also a hard nut to crack when it comes to finding student accommodation. Here at Flatio, we do our best to help you settle at one of the Seine’s banks without too much hassle. Sounds too good to be true? Just try!

Private student accommodation in Paris

If you’ve never been to Paris and do not have a strong preference for the type of neighborhood you’d like to live in, you could just flip a coin and give it a try. All of the 20 arrondissements into which the French capital is divided are enchanting in their own way. One can spot an affordable student room right next to more luxury accommodation.

Room for rent in Paris for student

Rive Droite, or the right side of the Seine, is where the bobo culture dominates the landscape. Bobo stands for bourgeois-bohemian and means the flamboyant, artistic, free-minded Parisians, who tend to live around the 11th and 20th districts. This is where one finds cool little bars, concert halls, cultural spaces with street art and pop-up events (Point Ephemere, anyone?) and the Quai, or the canal, on which young and old play Pétanque on summer nights and dine on late night cheese and baguettes. It’s one of the top areas for an international student to look for accommodation in.

Best student apartments and flats in Paris

Rive Gauche, or the left bank of the Seine, is where furnished student apartments are probably of the more luxurious kind. Neighborhoods numbered 15, 16 or 17th, with the Boulogne Forest, Louis Vuitton contemporary art center, and Champs Elyse, are home to some of the steadier, wealthier Parisians. Those of you who cherish bourgeois vibes and enjoy the slightly stuck-up attitude of upper-class French will find refuge on this side of the river. Remember, here you never should be caught running for a croissant in your pajamas.

Student studio apartments

Many of the international students looking for an easy fix: furnished student apartments near the Universities and Campuses. If you want to pay a bit less, you should focus on areas outside of the 20 districts, but try to stay near one of the city’s 14 metro lines. What is definitely a great advantage of Paris is its complex and efficient network of public transportation - with faster suburban trains called RER, 300 metro stops, and countless buses. You don’t need to worry about getting around this city. And in case you feel like cycling, there’s Vélib, the city’s public bike. Pro-tip: if you bring your bike to a station that is located uphill, you get an extra free half an hour.

Summer student accommodation in Paris

If you’re not interested in a full semester experience, a great way to learn and live in Paris could be by attending a summer course. As the city empties of its residents in August, more student flats to rent in Paris surface for short-term rent on the market. France is famous for its extensive holidays when everyone flees the heating concrete and tiny apartments. It’s a good time to enjoy Paris, with sunny weather, evenings at the canals, and street music.

Cheap student accommodation in Paris - does it even exist?

So, if you’re ready to book your fully furnished student accommodation in Paris, here are the steps. Choose which (Erasmus) accommodation suits you best, click ‘Reservation Request’ and wait for less than 24 hours to see if your request is approved. If the answer is yes, you can fill in the rest of the paperwork and sign the contract online. Flatio offers all this for a small reservation fee of €19 and a low service fee. There is no deposit to pay. It is cheap and simple to find the place you want.

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