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Rentals in Prague 13

Are you tempted to go to Prague for a trip, because of work, or to study? Whatever your reason is, you no longer have to depend on overpriced hotels or noisy dorms for accommodation. Choose a rental apartment in Prague 13 on Flatio.

Choose from 415 apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent on Flatio!
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Renting an apartment in Prague 13

Do you want to know where an apartment is the moment you see it? The Flatio map will show you the exact locations of offered rentals in Prague 13.

Newest rentals in Prague 13

Are you traveling to the capital of the Czech Republic soon for 14 days, a month, or even a whole year to work, to study, or for a trip? On Flatio, you can get a rental apartment in Prague 13 and you don’t have to go to overpriced hotels; live in a homely environment.

You can check out both the existing offers and the newest rental apartments. Just leaf through a rich variety of photos and virtual tours at your own pace from anywhere in the world. Then, make a reservation and in 24 hours you’ll receive landlord’s con­firmation.

1 255  / 30 days
42  / day
All utilities included

Living in Prague 13: what you should know?

Do you want to live in the city but not in the centre of events? Choose, for a few weeks or months, Prague 13, which spans the area of 12.49 km² on the South-West of the city and has 62 567 inhabitants. Here, you can find many cultural events and sights; for example, you can visit the neo-gothic church of Jakub Starší or the modern church of St. Prokop. Old Stodůlky has been a protected heritage area since 1995. So, there’s fun all around.

Get a rental apartment in Prague 13 on Flatio. Even though you’ll be on the periphery, the centre won’t be that far and you won’t miss out on anything important.

Top rated apartments on Flatio in Prague 13

Live in the best apartments in Prague 13 and choose, from offers on Flatio, the ideal one for you, from anywhere in the world. You can be in China or Iceland and you can still make a reservation online without a problem.

If you don’t trust virtual tours and photos, you’ll surely be persuaded by ratings from previous users. Pick from top-rated rental apartments and you won’t have to fear any nasty surprises. Instead, after you receive the keys, you can immediately move into the apartment and explore the streets of your new metropolis.

1 255  / 30 days
42  / day
All utilities included

In a need of rentals in Prague 13 without estate agencies or deposits?

Is your business trip, study visit, or trip for fun leading you to the capital of the Czech Republic, where you have picked Prague 13 ahead of time for its proximity to the city centre as well as its peripheral nature? You can choose, in this location, from Flatio’s selection of rentals the ideal one for your needs and you can look forward to saving some money.

What are the basic rules at Flatio?

  1. You don’t pay a deposit.
  2. We arrange rentals without steep commissions which are common for estate agencies.
  3. Our selection has only fully furnished apartments.

No estate agency

Renting an apartment in Prague 13, without an estate agency and commissions for an agent, takes only a few minutes on Flatio. You just need to pick the ideal accommodation based on photos, user ratings, and virtual tours. Then you request reservation, pay 19€ for it, and in 24 hours the landlord will confirm it. Then you just pay the service fee and you’re done. The saved funds can be put into exploring the beauty of the capital of the Czech Republic or getting to know new colleagues and friends.

No deposit

On Flatio, you can easily get a short-term or a mid-term rental in Prague 13 without a deposit which often costs a couple of months’ rent. We are always cheaper, whether you’re going to the heart of Europe for 14 days, a month, or the whole year.

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