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Rentals in Prague 15

Prague’s glory is waiting to be discovered. Don’t even think about overpriced hotels or boarding houses; pick a rental apartment in Prague 15 ahead of time on Flatio which will provide privacy in a homely environment for a few weeks or months.

Choose from 415 apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent on Flatio!
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Renting an apartment in Prague 15

Do you want to see all the places in which you can get a mid-term or a short-term rental in Prague 15 on Flatio? Check out our map and be in the picture.

Newest rentals in Prague 15

Which offers on Flatio have been added? Follow the newest rental apartments so that no new accommodation will slip through your fingers in preparation for your visit to the capital of the Czech Republic. You can look at virtual tours and photos to make the choice easier.

Live in a mid-term or a short-term rental in Prague 15 without worries, thanks to Flatio, for 14 days, a month or a whole year. All furnishing and appliances are already there so your only concern will be unpacking your bags. After that, you can go and explore the capital of Europe’s heart.

Living in Prague 15: what you should know

Live in the South-East part of the capital of the Czech Republic and you’ll never be short on fun or cultural events during the length of your stay.

Within the area of 10.57 km² live 33 839 inhabitants who are just around the corner from Toulcův dvůr or the neogothic temple of the decapitation of St. Jan Křtitel. Sounds tempting? Pick a rental apartment in Prague 15 on Flatio and live for 14 days, 4 weeks or 12 months in a homely environment which you can choose ahead of time.

The centre will be slightly far but a car or the public transport will get you there without a problem.

Top rated apartments on Flatio in Prague 15

Do you focus on apartment ratings by previous users? On Flatio we understand that this info is very important for many who travel for business, to study, or for experiences. That’s why you can browse the top-rated rental apartments having got to that position by previous tenants rating them positively.

It’s easy to find the best apartments in Prague 15. You just need to pick the ideal one based on desired dispositions, location, or equipment all of which you can see ahead of time thanks to photos and virtual tours. When you make a reservation, it’s confirmed in 24 hours at the latest.

Rentals in Prague 15 without estate agencies or deposits

No deposit, no estate agency, no steep commissions. Those are the three rules of Flatio.

Do you want to get a rental apartment in the capital of the Czech Republic without wasting money because you’ll only be there for 14 days, 4 weeks, or a couple of months? On Flatio, you get accommodation like that swiftly and easily. You no longer have to look for expensive hotels and boarding houses if you’re staying in Prague for a few weeks or months. You can solve this by getting a short-term or a mid-term rental on Flatio which will ensure you get a home like environment and overall cheaper accommodation.

No estate agency

When you say “renting” people often hear “estate agency”. Not with Flatio. With us you can get a rental apartment in Prague 15 without estate agencies or steep commissions for the agent who mediates your accommodation. Here you only pay 19€ reservation fee and a service fee.

No deposit

If you don’t like giving money away or you don’t like it just lying around get a rental apartment in Prague 15 without a deposit. It can often be worth up to several months’ rent which isn’t exactly peanuts. Turn to Flatio and live in the capital of the Czech Republic sensibly.

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