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Rental apartments in Brno-střed

Brno is just as lively as Prague, and its centre is particularly exciting. Choose a rental apartment in Brno-střed for 14 days or even a whole year on Flatio and you won’t miss any cool events happening in the heart of Brno.

Choose from 28 apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent on Flatio!
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Brno-střed: Rentals

What rentals are currently available in Brno-střed? Check out our map and you will know right away in which locations you could stay for a few weeks or even months.

Newest rental apartments: Brno-střed

Are you trying to find accommodation in Brno for a few weeks or even 12 months? Take a look at Flatio and check out the newest apartments for rent in the centre of Brno. You'll have all the events, restaurants and venues practically at your doorstep, so boredom is out of the question.

Choose the perfect apartment in advance from wherever you are in the world – check out the virtual tours and ratings of the offers which interest you and once you’ve chosen, simply ask for a reservation. Then you just need to wait for a maximum of 24 hours to find out whether the landlord has approved your reservation. It couldn’t be easier!

Living in Brno-střed: What’s good to know

Living in the centre of Brno has a lot of benefits. All the events, venues and markets are at your doorstep, and so nothing will escape your notice. The main railway station is only a few minutes away from your home, and the streets are always brimming with life, day and night. Do you want to experience Brno at its most authentic during your upcoming study, vacation, or business trip? Secure your accommodation in advance. Over 64 000 people live in this area of about 15 km², according to the 2011 census – become one of them, too! If you like big cities and the rush intrinsic to their centres, find a rental apartment in Brno-střed for a few weeks or even a whole year without deposit and high commission fees on Flatio.

Best rated rental apartments in Brno-střed

Any traveler who likes to make sure they’ve chosen their accommodation well will surely appreciate being able to see the previous tenants‘ ratings of the rental they’d like to reserve. This system makes it very easy for you to find the best apartments in Brno-střed on Flatio, and thanks to the ratings, you will also know if the information provided about the apartment is accurate.

Best rated rentals are the perfect choice for all those seeking guaranteed quality. Choose one of such offers for your upcoming stay in Brno and for a few weeks or months you can live without worries in a fully furnished apartment in the centre of Brno.

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from  27  / day
All utilities included
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All utilities included

Flexible apartment rentals in Brno-střed

Thanks to the Flatio team you can easily find a short-term, medium-term or even long-term rental apartment in the centre of Brno. Whether you are preparing for a business or study trip in Brno or simply going on vacation to the second largest city in the Czech Republic, find the perfect rental on Flatio where you can live without worries for a few weeks or even months.

Rentals for 14 days

Are you going to Brno for two weeks and wish to avoid staying in overpriced hotels or noisy university dorms? Find a rental apartment in the centre of Brno for 14 days on Flatio and live right in the heart of the city.

Rentals for 1 month

Will you be staying in Brno for 4 weeks because of work or school? Rely on Flatio and choose a month-long apartment rental in Brno-střed on their website. The city centre will be at your doorstep.

Rentals for half a year

If you’re planning on spending 6 months in the second largest city in the Czech Republic, with Flatio it’s not a problem. With us, you can easily find a rental in the centre of Brno for half a year without having to pay a deposit.

Rentals for 1 year

If it seems that your business or study trip to Brno will last for a whole year, you don‘t have to despair. Thanks to the Flatio team you can have a rental for 12 months that will be fully furnished and also without deposit.

Rental apartments without a real estate agency and without a deposit in Brno-střed

Did they tell you that if you want to rent an apartment in Brno you better be ready to pay a steep deposit, often as high as the cost of three months‘ rent? This isn’t true on Flatio – with us you can find accommodation without unnecessary fees even in the centre of the second largest city in the Czech Republic.

Without a real estate agency

The Flatio team makes it possible for you to rent a flat in Brno-střed without a real estate agency and high commission fees. Just find the apartment you like best from our offers, ask for its reservation, and wait no longer than 24 hours for confirmation. Afterwards, the landlord will simply reserve the apartment for you for the selected period, which means you do not have to bother with high commission fees, for example. With us, you only pay a 19 € reservation fee and a service fee.

Without deposit

Living for a month or even a year in a rental in Brno-střed without deposit? On Flatio it’s not an unrealistic dream, but a reality. Check out the offers on the website, view their virtual tours and the ratings of previous tenants, and find yourself the perfect apartment from anywhere in the world – all you need is an internet connection.