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Rental apartments in Brno-Bosonohy

Going on a business, study, or vacation trip to Brno? Stay in the southwest of the second largest city of the Czech Republic – find yourself a rental in Brno-Bosonohy for a few weeks or months on Flatio.

Choose from 35 apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent on Flatio!
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Brno-Bosonohy: Rentals

For your convenience, all the currently available rental apartments in Brno-Bosonohy are clearly displayed on the Flatio map. You just need to pick one and ask for a reservation!

Newest rental apartments: Brno-Bosonohy

Would you like to find an amazing apartment for a few weeks or even one whole year in the second largest city of the Czech Republic?

Watch out for the newest apartments for rent on Flatio. No great rental will slip through your fingers, and you can simply go through each newly added offer at your own pace with the help of the virtual tours we’ve prepared for you.

Once you request a reservation and the landlord confirms that the apartment is yours for the selected period, your work is basically done. Thanks to the Flatio team, getting an apartment in Brno-Bosonohy is child’s play.

We don't have any offers here at the moment. Check out offers in the whole city for now.

Rental apartments without a real estate agency and without a deposit in Brno-Bosonohy

No more wasting money on overpriced hotels or expensive services of real estate agencies. If you are looking for accommodation in Brno at a reasonable price, visit the Flatio website and choose from our wide offer of apartments for rent.

Without a real estate agency

Getting a rental in Brno-Bosonohy without a real estate agency and without high commission fees that end up in the pockets of realtors is a walk in the park with Flatio. After you decide which apartment you’d like to rent for a few weeks or months, just ask for a reservation and pay a 19 € fee for it. Then you only need to pay a service fee, and that’s it – we won’t ask for any further payments for our services.

Without deposit

A penny saved is a penny earned. Don’t throw your money out the window and opt for an apartment for rent in Brno-Bosonohy without a deposit. The money you save can then be spent on visiting a coworking space, attending training courses, or even just hanging out with new friends.