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Rental apartments in Brno-Ivanovice

Are you planning a stay in the second largest city of the Czech Republic for 14 days or even for a whole year? Sort out your accommodation quickly and easily with the help of the Flatio team and find yourself a fully furnished rental apartment in Brno-Ivanovice.

Choose from 33 apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent on Flatio!
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Brno-Ivanovice: Rentals

The offers on Flatio are very easy to navigate. Just take a look at the map we’ve prepared for you, where all the currently available rentals in Brno-Ivanovice are displayed.

Newest rental apartments: Brno-Ivanovice

What are the newest apartments for rent you can find on Flatio? Regularly check our website and no amazing offer will pass you by. Then all you need to do is go through the virtual tours, and once you find the perfect rental, simply reserve it for a period of your own choosing.

Finding an apartment rental in Brno-Ivanovice is child’s play on Flatio. One big advantage is that within 24 hours of submitting your reservation request you’ll know if your accommodation has been secured for the period you’ve selected. Plus, all the rentals are fully furnished, so you don’t need to worry about a thing once you arrive.

We don't have any offers here at the moment. Check out offers in the whole city for now.

Rental apartments without a real estate agency and without a deposit in Brno-Ivanovice

Why should you waste money on the high commission fees of real estate agencies when on Flatio you can easily find short-term or medium-term rentals for a few weeks or even months without needing to worry about such unnecessary expenses? With us, you only pay a reservation fee of 19 € and a service fee. That's all, so you can invest your money in exploring Brno instead.

Without a real estate agency

Would you like to live in the second largest city of the Czech Republic for a few weeks or even months? Choose Flatio and its offer of rentals in Brno-Ivanovice without a real estate agency or high commission fees. For the entire duration of your stay you can live in a fully furnished rental apartment, a comfortable environment where you will feel right at home.

Without deposit

Thanks to Flatio, you can get a rental apartment in Brno-Ivanovice without a deposit. Your wallet will thank you and you can use the money you save to attend cool events, meet new people, or even establish new business connections.