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Rental apartments in Prague 12 – Libuš

Just found out that you’ll be going to the capital city of the Czech Republic for a month or even a whole year? Live in a peaceful environment away from the hustle and bustle of the city centre with a rental in Prague 12 – Libuš.

Choose from 625 Flatio apartment offers:
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Prague 12 – Libuš: Rentals

Take a look at the Flatio map and choose the rental apartment in Prague 12 – Libuš whose location and furnishings suit you best.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 12 – Libuš

Is a year-long or perhaps just a month-long work or study trip to the capital of the Czech Republic awaiting you? Take a look at the newest apartments for rent in Prague 12 – Libuš and pick the one whose size, furnishings, and location suit you best. After that you just need to request a reservation and wait for a maximum of 24 hours for confirmation.

We don't have any offers here at the moment. Check out offers in the whole city for now.

Rental apartments without a real estate agency in Prague 12 – Libuš

Spend your money only on services you really need – when looking for accommodation in the capital of the Czech Republic, avoid real estate agencies and their high commission fees. Check out the Flatio website instead, where you’ll find a wide offer of fully furnished rentals in Prague 12 – Libuš. You can rent these apartments for 4 weeks, half a year or even 12 months, so head to Flatio and pick the one where you’d like to live during your work, study, or vacation trip!