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Apartment for rent Prague 15 – Dubec

Get your housing for a few weeks or even months in a neighbourhood of which the history dates back to the 11th century A.D. Pick from our offers of medium-term rented apartments in Prague 15 – Dubec and secure your living space for the entirety of your stay.

Choose from 625 Flatio apartment offers:
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Prague 15 – Dubec: apartments for rent

Our easy-to-read map is clear for everyone, whether you’re 18 or 50. Then you can just ask for a reservation of your apartment of choice in Prague 15 – Dubec.

Newest apartments for rent in Prague 15 – Dubec

Pick an awesome living space that you can enjoy to its fullest during your month- or year-long stay, that you’re heading to because of work or school, from the newest flats for rent in Prague 15 – Dubec. Look at the virtual tours we prepared along with all the offers and make your final choice that much more easily.

We don't have any offers here at the moment. Check out offers in the whole city for now.

Apartment for rent without real estate agency in Prague 15 – Dubec

Do you want to pick a nice and fully furnished living space in the capital of the Czech Republic that you don’t have to book through a real estate agency? Turn to the start-up Flatio and save the high fees for agents. The only fees you have to pay for renting an apartment in Prague 15 – Dubec with us is 19 € for a succesful reservation and a service fee that is calculated according to the length of your stay.