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Rental apartments in Prague 22 – Královice

Would you prefer to live in a neighbourhood with a rural atmosphere during your upcoming visit to the capital of the Czech Republic? Get yourself a rental in Prague 22 – Královice and have your accommodation, for 4 weeks or even 1 whole year, all sorted out ahead of time.

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Prague 22 – Královice: Rentals

Want to get to know your neighbours? Then find yourself a rental apartment in Prague 22 – Královice, a cosy neighbourhood on the outskirts of Prague, and feel right at home during the few weeks or months you’ll spend in the Czech Republic.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 22 – Královice

Would you like to live in one of the newest apartments for rent in Prague 22 – Královice? Find yourself a rental which will suit you perfectly on Flatio and save yourself the trouble that comes with overpriced hotels or noisy university dorms. Thanks to our team, you can live in a comfortable home environment for the entire duration of your stay in the capital of the Czech Republic.

We don't have any offers here at the moment. Check out offers in the whole city for now.

Rental apartments without a real estate agency in Prague 22 – Královice

Prefer to avoid relying on real estate agencies when you have the chance? In the capital of the Czech Republic, the option is definitely there – just rely on the Flatio startup and its offer of medium-term rental apartments in Prague 22 – Královice without a real estate agency. With Flatio you won’t need to pay any high commission fees, so you can use the money you would otherwise spend on them, to visit coworking spaces or attend interesting events.