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Rental apartments in Prague 10 – Vršovice

Are you an extrovert and love having a lot of people around you? With the help of Flatio you can get a medium-term rental in Prague 10 – Vršovice, a district which has a high population density. Boredom is out of the question in this part of Prague!

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Prague 10 – Vršovice: Rentals

Find a rental apartment in Prague 10 – Vršovice for a month or even a whole year on Flatio. Take a look at our map, choose a place to live based on its precise location, and ask for a reservation.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 10 – Vršovice

No more living in noisy university dorms or overpriced hotels – opt for the medium-term rentals offered on Flatio, which you can reserve from anywhere in the world for a couple of weeks or even for a whole 12 months. Look through the newest apartments for rent in Prague 10 – Vršovice at your own pace and find yourself the perfect place to live.

Rental apartments without a real estate agency in Prague 10 – Vršovice

On Flatio all the offered apartments are fully furnished, and none require you to pay any high commission fees, which real estate agencies usually ask for. You will only pay us 19 € for a successful reservation and then a service fee based on the length of your stay. When choosing a place to live, opt for a medium-term rental apartment in Prague 10 – Vršovice without a real estate agency.