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Rental apartments in Prague 10 – Žižkov

With the help of Flatio you can stay in a neighbourhood which is often referred to as the Prague Montmartre. Get yourself a dreamy rental in Prague 10 – Žižkov for a few weeks or even months and experience the heart of Europe to the full.

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Prague 10 – Žižkov: Rentals

Would you like to live near your favorite café, or perhaps somewhere with quick access to public transport? Pick your ideal rental apartment in Prague 10 – Žižkov on the Flatio map.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 10 – Žižkov

On Flatio you can easily find accommodation for a month or even for a whole year where you’ll feel right at home – just visit the website and choose from the newest apartments for rent in Prague 10 – Žižkov. It’s super easy and convenient, because with the help of the virtual tours we’ve prepared for you, you can find your perfect apartment from anywhere in the world!

Rental apartments without a real estate agency in Prague 10 – Žižkov

Visit Flatio and find yourself a nice, fully furnished, rental apartment for a few weeks or even months. Real estate agencies often request ridiculously high commission fees for their services – the Flatio startup and its offer of medium-term apartment rentals in Prague 10 – Žižkov without a real estate agency are a much better choice. With us, you’ll only have to pay a reservation fee and a service fee.