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Renting an apartment in Prague 2 – Vyšehrad

Get accommodation for a few weeks or a whole year in a former royal city. Find a rental apartment in Prague 2 – Vyšehrad on Flatio and let the local atmosphere enchant you.

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Prague 2 – Vyšehrad: rental apartments

Do you want to live near the river or do you prefer a view of historical buildings? Choose on our map the ideal rental apartment in Prague 2 – Vyšehrad.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 2 – Vyšehrad

Do you long to live in a historically significant location that used to be a royal city? Pick from the newest rentals in Prague 2 – Vyšehrad on Flatio and reserve your place for 4 weeks, half a year, or even 12 months. After, you just wait for max. 24 hours for confirmation and it’s yours.

Rentals without an estate agency in Prague 2 – Vyšehrad

You can get accommodation in the location of the former royal city easily, without an estate agency, and without their steep commissions for mediation. Turn to the Flatio start-up and choose a rental apartment based on virtual tours in Prague 2 – Vyšehrad without an estate agency. It's simple, fast, and accessible even from China or the African continent as you only need an internet connection.