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Renting an apartment in Prague 3 – Vinohrady

Is your stay in the capital of the Czech Republic fast approaching and you want to live in a district that has all you need? Pick a rental apartment in Prague 3 – Vinohrady and you'll have both the hospital and stores nearby.

Choose from 512 apartments, houses, and rooms available for rent on Flatio!
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Prague 3 – Vinohrady: rental apartments

Do you want to live near the metro station or the hospital? See our map and decide which rental apartment in Prague 3 – Vinohrady will be yours.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 3 – Vinohrady

Do you like trying something new? Would you feel great being the first to rate your accommodation? Pick from the newest rental apartments in Prague 3 – Vinohrady on Flatio and be the first to confirm the quality of your accommodation. Request reservation and within 24 hours you'll get confirmation.

Do you need rentals without an estate agency in Prague 3 – Vinohrady?

Live near the centre and don't waste money on expensive hotels, boarding houses, or the services of estate agencies which all drive up the price for mediation of accommodation in the capital of the Czech Republic. Pick a suitable rental apartment without an estate agency in Prague 3 – Vinohrady from our website. With us you only pay 19€ for reservation and a service fee. Invest your savings into discovering the heart of Europe rather than on steep commissions for estate agencies.

What are the advantages of Flatio service?

  1. No deposit or steep commissions.
  2. Fully furnished apartments.
  3. In 24 hours at the latest after the reservation request, you’ll know if the place is yours for the chosen period.

How does the renting an apartment on Flatio works?

It's fast and simple. Just pick your favorite apartment, place a Reservation request and wait up to 24 hours for landlord's de­cision. After that time you'll know for sure whether you can count with this apartment or not. If so, you'll be able to finish the contractual process which concludes also contract signing – all online from comfort of your home. You don't even have to see the landlord in person!