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Rental apartments in Prague 6 – Dejvice

When it comes to accommodation, do you prefer comfortable luxury? On Flatio you will find fantastic rental apartments in Prague 6 – Dejvice for a month or even a whole year. Check out the virtual tours included in each offer and find yourself an apartment which will suit you perfectly.

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Prague 6 – Dejvice: Rentals

Would you like to choose your accommodation based on its exact location in the selected area? Take a look at our map, which shows all the currently available rental apartments in Prague 6 – Dejvice.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 6 – Dejvice

Do you find it hard to resist the new things that come your way? Get yourself one of the newest apartment rentals in Prague 6 – Dejvice on Flatio for your upcoming month-long or even year-long stay. Just check out the virtual tours, request a reservation, and within 24 hours you‘ll know if everything has worked out.

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Rental apartments without a real estate agency in Prague 6 – Dejvice

Would you like to live in a luxurious area for a few weeks or even a whole year during your upcoming stay in the capital of the Czech Republic? Discover the offers of apartments for rent in Prague 6 – Dejvice without a real estate agency on Flatio and don’t bother with unnecessarily high commission fees that end up in the pockets of the realtors. On Flatio, we only ask for two payments – a 19 € reservation fee and a service fee based on the length of your stay in the very heart of Europe.