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Rental apartments in Prague 6 – Vokovice

Are you going to depart to the capital of the Czech Republic soon for a business, study, or prolonged vacation trip? Check out Flatio and get yourself a great rental in Prague 6 – Vokovice in advance of your visit.

Choose from 607 Flatio apartment offers:
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Prague 6 – Vokovice: Rentals

The Flatio map will show you all the apartment rentals in Prague 6 – Vokovice. Would you like to stay in one of them for a month or even a whole year? Just request a reservation.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 6 – Vokovice

Choose from the newest apartments for rent in Prague 6 – Vokovice the ideal place to live for the entirety of your month-long or even year-long stay in the capital of the Czech Republic. The virtual tours provided on Flatio will make it much easier for you to make your choice, and then you‘ll just need to request a reservation.

Rental apartments without a real estate agency in Prague 6 – Vokovice

You can find great accommodation in the capital of the Czech Republic even without the help of a real estate agency, which would no doubt require high commissions fees for its services. How, you ask? It’s simple – just visit the Flatio website and check out the virtual tours of the rental apartments in Prague 6 – Vokovice, without a real estate agency. With us, you can find accommodation for 4 weeks or even 12 months from anywhere in the world, and you need only pay a 19 € reservation fee and a service fee according to the length of your stay.