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Renting an apartment in Prague 8 – Libeň

Get a mid-term rental apartment in Prague 8 – Libeň on Flatio easily. Live in a beautiful and historically important district, in which many a great event changed more than just the Czech nation.

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Prague 8 – Libeň: rental apartments

With the well organised map from Flatio, orientating yourself in mid-term rental offers in Prague 8 – Libeň will be simple.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 8 – Libeň

Do you look forward to trying new things and you'd like to give our new accommodation a shot? Check out Flatio and its offers of the newest rental apartments in Prague 8 – Libeň. Check out the attached virtual tours, whether you're in China or the USA, and request reservation of the suitable mid-term rental.

StayProtection + Stay Benefits Flatio-Verified
31. 5. - 4. 6. (5 days)
65  / night

260  total + 52  one-time service fee

All utilities included · No deposit

Rentals without an estate agency in Prague 8 – Libeň

Are you planning a business, study, or holiday trip to the capital of the Czech Republic soon? Then you're surely looking for the ideal place to rent. This time, however, don't go to overpriced hotels or estate agencies. You'll be better off getting a rental apartment in Prague 8 – Libeň from Flatio, without an estate agency or steep commissions. Check out the selection of mid-term rentals for 4 weeks, half a year, or 12 months and request reservation.