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Renting an apartment in Prague 8 – Střížkov

Střížkov is great for students, workers, even travelers – you'll have access to the polyclinic, shops, and even public transport. Live during the length of your stay in an apartment for rent in Prague 8 – Střížkov.

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Prague 8 – Střížkov: rental apartments

Are you getting lost in the tsunami of offers for Czechia's capital? Navigate the waves easily with our well organised map. Choose from rental apartments in Prague 8 – Střížkov.

Newest rental apartments in Prague 8 – Střížkov

Why should you only choose from overpriced hotels or boarding houses for your month- or year-long stay in the capital of the Czech Republic? Go to the Flatio start-up and check out our selection of newest rental apartments in Prague 8 – Střížkov where you can stay for the entirety of the 12 months of your trip.

We don't have any offers here at the moment. Check out offers in the whole city for now.

Rentals without an estate agency in Prague 8 – Střížkov

Live for a few weeks or months in a Prague district where you'll have everything for your study, business, or holiday trip: shops, cafés, schools, and even the polyclinic. See our selection of mid-term rental apartments in Prague 8 – Střížkov on Flatio and check out the virtual tours, thanks to which you'll see all the accommodation‘s e­quipment, at your own pace.