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Short term studio flat & apartment rentals in Brno

Work, school or fun calling you to Brno? Use the services of Flatio and find accommodation for one entire month in a rental studio apartment. This start-up company will help you find short-term accommodation for 14 days to 12 months. Just pick from the apartments on offer, make a reservation and you’ll know if it got approved in just 24 hours.

The apartment is located in the heart of Brno, right in the center of Brno near the main square of Freedom Square on Kobližná street. The apartment is spacious and fully equipped. The apartment is quiet and peaceful. Windows are into the courtyard of the house. The apartment is spacious, there is a double bed and two sofa beds.

Short-term studio apartment rentals in Brno

If you’re going to Brno for just 14 days and you don’t want to pay for an overpriced hotel room, take a look at our website. You’ll find a rental exactly according to your taste here! Just make a reservation. What’s more, there are no deposits, only a 19 EUR fee for a successful reservation and low service fee.

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