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Short term apartment rentals in Lisbon

Lisbon is one of the magical places on the European map. It sprawls across seven hills, as other important metropolises in the world - Rome, Teheran, Mecca or Kampala. It is not sure who founded the capital of Portugal, but there are many stories about it. Some say it was Odysseus’ home on his escape from the Troyan people. Some attribute the foundation to the Phoenicians, who called the town “Serene Port” back then. If you want to be surrounded by magic, here is your chance to get a short term lease and experience Lisbon.
Vistejo is a unique apartment situated in the historic Alfama quarter, retaining some features of the original house and the spirit that breathes in this Lisboa area. Vistejo is located in a renovated building and is decorated with all the comforts to provide you with an excellent stay with a unique style. The Vistejo apartment is very sunny, has capacity for 4 people and comprises: - A living…
Casa da Mó is a unique apartment situated in the historic Alfama quarter, retaining features and the spirit that breathes in this Lisboa area. This apartment is decorated with all the comfort to provide you with an excellent stay with a unique style. Millstone’s apartment is very sunny, has capacity for 6 people and comprises: - A dining room; - A living room with a bed sofa; - A kitchen with all…
A special one bedroom apartment with 60 sqm brand new (recently renovated) and plenty of natural light It belong to my grandparents and it was the place were I grew up. The neighbors are all Portuguese and still the ones from my childhood time. There is a big room with two windows, an open closet, one queen size bed, two vintage sidetables and one vintage chest of drawers. Facing the backyard of…

Short term housing on the hills of Lisbon

The magic of Portugal’s capital city can be experienced from each of the hills. If you chose to stay in a short term room for rent on Colina de Chagas, you can get home every day by using a huge, public elevator, and a very fancy one at that. It will bring you right to the historical site Largo do Carmo, with ruins of an old convent and a church. On yet another hill you can find a Moorish castle, Castelo de São Jorge, overlooking the charming Alfama district. Where the castle is located, the city was also founded, and there one can see old Roman ruins.

Short term furnished rentals in fancy Lisbon

If you feel like tasting the posh side of Lisbon, you can check out our furnished apartments for rent short term in the Colina de Santo André. This neighborhood was historically hosting Lisbon’s nobility. It has beautiful gardens, several catholic churches and chapels that are worth visiting, and breathtaking viewpoints. A similar kind of a treat would be to move into a place near one of the city’s historic cafes - A Brasileira, or Cafe Nicola, famous for its masterful Art Nouveau architecture. For perfect corporate short term rentals, you can especially appreciate the proximity of great quality caffeine. And it’s where Portugal’s famous poets got their dose of black liquid every morning.

Rent apartment in quirky Lisbon short term

For those who look for a more quirky, down to earth experience, one of the oldest parts of town, the Graça, is probably the ideal choice. The neighborhood was founded by the Arabic migrants a millennium ago, and the old spirit is still present, thanks to the terracotta roofs and blue tiles everpresent around it. Short term apartments here will transport you back in time, and so will the famous Feira da Ladra, The Market of Thieves, famous for a wide selection of interesting souvenirs. This is also the right spot to search for fado music sessions in the streets.

Short term lease apartments in Lisbon

Part of the contemporary magic of the Portuguese capital is its multinational, multiethnic constitution. Lisbon was based on the mix of various cultures and influences, from Rome to Phenocians to Berbers, and it continues the tradition. Settling in in this kind of city is especially easy, it’s a welcoming melting pot of people from Brazil, Cape Verde, China, and a wave of startup workers and digital nomads from everywhere else. In your short term accommodation, you will feel soon at home.

Short stay apartments in Lisbon - booking it with Flatio (for you and your dog?)

Are you convinced now about Lisbon? Once you decide on the pet-friendly short term rental from Flatio’s list, you can make a reservation and wait for a response from the owner (within the next 24 hours). If the decision was positive, fill in your personal details in the contract and sign it online. What’s important, is that you don’t pay deposits with Flatio. There are only a 19 EURO reservation fee, a low service fee, and, of course, your rent.

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