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Short term apartment rentals in Paris

There is a dream many artists, business people and creatives of all sorts share - to live someday, for some time, in the French capital. Since the city is notoriously difficult for newcomers to settle in, Flatio is here to help you realize your dream and sort out the most difficult part: finding short term accommodation in Paris.

Short term apartment rentals in Paris

As you move your fingers around the map of Paris clockwise, starting with the Louvre, and making each circle a bit bigger, you’re tracing the outline of the city’s districts. The choice is difficult, as pretty much each of these 20 slices of the cake is a treat. Some are best fitted for discerning, sophisticated, fashion-obsessed upper-middle-class representatives (look to the left of the Seine), looking for a fancy short term lease. Some would uniquely fit the needs of adventurous hipsters - upper right corner of the city, for example, or even outside of the circles to the east. For business-people planning to spend little time on the metro, there is one right choice: corporate short term rentals in La Defence, the glass-and-steel money-making part of town.

Short term lease apartments in Paris

Short term apartments for those particularly interested in the cultural highlights of Paris would ideally be somewhere in the tight core of the city. If you want to be close to the Louvre, Norte Dame, Musee d’Orsay, the Eiffel Tower, and Bastille, it’s best to stay around the Seine. From here you can rent a city bike and follow flat paths between these places.

Short term furnished rentals in Paris

If you’re not sure yet what would be the most interesting place for you to focus on, you can explore some of the more affordable parts of town in search of furnished apartments for rent short term. One of the cheapest locations inside Paris is the 18th arrondissement, Buttes-Montmartre, now under intense gentrification, yet still known for its impressive ethnic and cultural diversity and quirky bars - from weird little music spots to hipster, bio, eco Recyclart.

Short term housing in Paris

If you’re bringing a dog, or a cat, or anything else that needs walking, with you, then your pet-friendly short term rental would best be a walking distance from one of Paris’ myriad parks. If you plan on spending a significant portion of your time out in the green, look for places near the city’s two “forests” - Boulogne (west side of town, burgeois surrounding) and Parc Vincennes (east of the city, bobo, or bourgeois-Boheme, areas). These green spaces take 10% of the Paris area, and they’re wonderful pockets of nature for those who seek more authentic kinds of parks.

Rent apartment Paris short term

There is one more place many might not consider their primary choice and which is a promising hunting ground for a short term room for rent. It’s the area surrounding Gare Montparnasse - districts 14th and 15th. Some will know the area as one of the favorites among famous artists living in Paris in the 20th century. But if you don’t care about the cultural traces around, you still can enjoy the distance to one of the biggest train stations in the city, a good choice of great swimming pools scattered around, and for those who seek for small-town-beauty in Paris, these districts have some incredibly pretty cobblestone streets surrounded by tiny homes painted in pastel colors.

Short stay apartments in Paris - how to book it with us?

Once you have found the right place on Flatio, click ‘Reservation Request’ and wait for up to 24 hours to have your request approved by the owner. If the answer is positive, you can fill in the rest of the paperwork and sign the contract online. Flatio offers all this for a small reservation fee of €19 and a low service fee. There is no deposit to pay - we make it as simple and cheap as possible.

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