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Short term apartment rentals in Amsterdam

Are you going to Amsterdam for work, to study, or to enjoy the beauties of the Venice of the North? Go to Flatio and pick from our selection of short term accommodation. We offer anything from pet-friendly to corporate short term rentals so that we can satisfy your every need.

Amsterdam is a vibrant financial center of Europe, it houses beautiful canals and architecture, it’s home to many galleries and museums such as the Rijksmuseum or the Van Gogh Museum, and it boasts with its zoos and botanical gardens such as the Natura Artis Magistra or the Hortus Botanicus Amsterdam. On top of this, you will find the famous cannabis coffee shops, many festivals, and a nightlife that never stops.

Amsterdam offers something for everyone, so why not visit? Find a short term lease with Flatio for a couple of weeks. It’s safe, fast, and very simple.

Short term lease apartments in Amsterdam

Finding short term apartments in Amsterdam may seem like an impossible task, especially when you don’t know the city very well, which is why we’re here to help. Amsterdam has eight districts, with the Zuidas, the area around Johan Cruyff Arena, and places near the Amsterdam Amstel railway station being part of the modern financial district. So if you have a business trip to go to then finding good quality accommodation there is a great advantage. Just search our selection of apartments and choose if you want to have one room, a studio apartment, or a whole flat all to yourself.

Short term furnished rentals in Amsterdam

One of Flatio’s advantages is that all of the apartments and rooms on offer are fully equipped and furnished together with an internet connection. Furnished apartments for short term rent on Flatio will always be more convenient than hotels or dormitories because they are more flexible, they provide you with comfort and privacy. And choosing them is simple, because each rental has a detailed description, a photo gallery, and some even have a virtual tour. On top of that, Flatio has personally verified many of the apartments on offer so that you can be certain of their quality.

How to get short term housing in Amsterdam

Renting an apartment in Amsterdam is simple and fast when you do it with Flatio’s help. All you need to do is:

  1. Look through our extensive selection of rentals and pick the one that best suits your needs
  2. Send a reservation request to the landlord
  3. Wait a maximum of 24 hours for their response
  4. Complete the paperwork and sign the contract

All of this is done online and from anywhere in the world. Get accommodation in Amsterdam with just a few simple clicks.

Rent an apartment in Amsterdam short term

Renting an apartment in Amsterdam has never been easier and more affordable. With Flatio, you only pay €19 for a reservation fee and a low service fee. There are no deposits nor any estate agent’s fees. We make sure that you have all the funds to fully enjoy your stay in Amsterdam. Many world-famous bands tour Europe and Amsterdam is rarely missing on their list. Or check out the AFC Ajax football team, or the Amstel Tijgers ice hockey team in the Johan Cruyff Arena and the Jaap Eden ice ring respectively. With Flatio, you’ll be able to fully enjoy the beauties and comforts of Amsterdam.

Short stay apartments in Amsterdam

Whether you’re looking for a short term room, one-room apartment, or multiple-room apartment for rent, Flatio is here for you. Our selection has a variety of options and it’s only up to you and your preferences which one you’ll rent out. Amsterdam is a vibrant, cultural center of Europe and any visitor to its wonders deserves to explore it in comfort. Go to Flatio right now and find your perfect vacation accommodation in Amsterdam.

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