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Short term apartment rentals in Hong Kong

Would you like to go to one of the largest and most cultured places in the world? Everyone would, but with Flatio, this dream is one step closer to becoming a reality. See our selection of short term accommodation in Hong Kong and pick the ideal apartment for you.

The culture of Hong Kong may seem remote at first glance but there is a lot of overlap with cities such as London or New York. Although there is a strong influence of Chinese culture, especially when it comes to family values and cuisine, many western cultural imports have taken firm root here. None has been more prominent than business. Due to the focus on the free market, and the architecture that comes with it, Hong Kong’s skyline now has the largest number of skyscrapers, with about 300 and counting.

Why not travel to Hong Kong and rent a short term apartment with the help of Flatio? In less than a day, you’ll have picked the perfect place and received a confirmation from the landlord. This is as easy as it can be. Hurry on to Flatio and get yourself the perfect home in Honk Kong.

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Why short term lease apartments in Hong Kong with Flatio?

How good and convenient are Flatio’s short term leases? On the day when you arrive, you won’t have to find any furniture nor deal with internet providers since all the apartments on Flatio are fully furnished and equipped. No more stress; just go out and explore the unique culture and architecture you can find in the beautiful city of Hong Kong. Go to a restaurant and enjoy the Cantonese-based cuisine or catch a nice cup of milk tea, catch a re-run of a Bruce Lee film, or listen to some Cantopop, a mix between Cantonese opera and Western pop.

How to find short term furnished rentals in Hong Kong?

Know the city districts. On the Hong Kong island, the Kowloon Peninsula, and over 200 other islands spread eighteen districts, each with their unique flavor with the Hong Kong island housing the most famous sights as well as mountain ranges favored by hikers. North of that lies the Kowloon town which, together with the northern part of the island, stands as the main urban core of the city. Going north from Kowloon, you’ll find the New Territories which are characterized by a more rural atmosphere and can be a great place to find furnished apartments for short term rent.

Short term housing in Hong Kong

Flatio offers all kinds of short term rooms, flats, and studio apartments for rent. The great advantage of renting an apartment with us is that there is no deposit. You only pay a €19 reservation fee upon a successful reservation and a small service fee. No estate agents are needed here as you’ll be directly communicating with the owner of the accommodation.

How to rent a short term apartment in Hong Kong?

With Flatio, there are only these four easy steps that stand between you and your new home:

  1. Find the accommodation that best suits your needs
  2. Send a reservation request to the landlord and wait for a maximum of 24 hours for a reply
  3. Go through all the paperwork and sign the contract
  4. Pack your bags and travel to Hong Kong Whether you’re looking for a pet-friendly or corporate short term rentals, Flatio has what you’re looking for.

    Short stay apartments in Hong Kong

    There are many hotels, dormitories, and furnished apartments to choose from in Hong Kong, but how do you know which one to choose? Well, with Flatio, you can browse detailed descriptions, see photos, and sometimes even go on a virtual tour of the apartment. Additionally, Flatio has verified the quality of many apartments by itself so you can rest assured that their quality is genuine. Go on Flatio’s website and find your new home in Hong Kong today!

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