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Fully furnished and serviced apartments for rent in Paris - to Haussmann, or not to Haussmann

Living in the French capital can be a great adventure, once the challenge of finding a place to live in is behind you. At Flatio we specialize in making the booking as seamless as possible.

If you’re into beauty and history, you can focus on serviced apartments inside the Haussmann buildings, rented to you monthly. These homes form the iconic look of the city as we know it. Paris was dramatically transformed by a visionary architect and urban planner, Haussmann, in the 19th century, and these decorative white apartments sprang around newly laid boulevards and squares. This radical revamping placed Paris on top of the list of most beautiful places in the world.

Short term furnished rentals in Paris, comfort vs aesthetics

Despite the undeniable charm of Hausmann’s era architecture, the furnished apartments in social buildings in Paris can be more comfortable for rent short term. One has to decide whether being surrounded by the wooden floors, stuccos and high ceilings is more important than the comforts of more humble, yet practical and generously cut flats from the second part of the 20th century. But, if you’re up for oddities, there are definitely some quirky sides to living in the old homes - weirdly small kitchens with storage unites below the windows or hidden passages to servant’s quarters.

Serviced apartments Paris for a short stay

For travelers who are not planning a long stay and want to experience something rather special, there are the (in)famous units called, chambre de bonne. These flats might be perfect for a one-month rental if you do not need a lot of space and maybe want a sense of time-travel. Chambre de bonnes are the tiny flats one can find everywhere in the city, on top levels of the wealthy homes. This often means a good price AND a prime location. What’s the hook? In this case, bathrooms and showers are usually on the corridors, and they’re shared with other tenants, as there’s around 10, or more, of these flats in a house. In the past, these rooms were given to the servants (which is why you find hidden staircases in the kitchens of the old apartments). Chambres have one dramatic and beautiful feature - windows facing the Parisian sky. One could also count as such the golden, richly decorated and super narrow elevators that take you to your level! It’s kind of a Parisian must to see them.

Temporary furnished apartments in Paris

for a family or a group If, on the contrary, you’d rather splurge on luxury serviced apartments or bigger flats for your family, our tip would be to focus on the districts 8th and 16th. These are known for a good ratio of untypically big places, with 36% of the stock in these neighborhoods equipped with impressive 5 rooms. This is scarcely the case in the city center, or anywhere inside the ring.

Month to month lease apartments in Paris

For those who are undecided about the purpose of their stay, because: you want to explore the city and give Paris a try, finding a furnished room for rent can be flexible. Remember only to check how far is your place from public transportation. Paris is a surprisingly small city in terms of area (but it has more residents per square km than many other European capitals), so moving around it is easy, provided that you have an RER or metro stop somewhere near.

6 to 12-month rental accommodation in Paris

Ready for the deep dive? Decide on the fully furnished flat for rent from our offer on Flatio, make a reservation and wait for a response from the owner (within the next 24 hours). If it is positive, fill in your personal details in the contract and sign it online. You don’t pay a deposit, only a 19 EURO reservation fee, a low service fee, and your rent.

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